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Oh, Lady Gaga. You never fail to amuse us. This time the crazy pop star’s questionable outfit choice is an homage to her late friend and designer Alexander McQueen. He was known for his jaw-dropping, over the top creations. The cool thing about McQueen’s creations is that they weren’t shocking for the sake of shock value – they were designed to be beautiful as well. Maybe that’s why Lady Gaga looks glamorous in spite of the nutty hat she’s got perched on her head. Because her bag is a well-crafted McQueen, she still looks uber stylish.

It looks like a patent leather tote and what makes it different is the unique honeycomb pattern. In fact, it’s called the Alexander McQueen Honeycomb Heroine Satchel. She sure does look like a heroine – one from a futuristic, dark comic book. 

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