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The Many Bags Of Beyoncé

Global icon, film star, actress, mother and wife are just some of the words used to describe the ever stylish Beyoncé. Rising to fame in the late 1990s and entertaining us for the past twenty years, this Superstar never seems to put a fashion foot wrong.

Pippa Middleton & The Vienna

Pippa Middleton became internationally famous after walking as the Maid of Honor at her sister’s wedding to Prince WIlliam a couple of years ago. Since then, she hasn’t been able to do anything right. Her party planning book was a total flop – a joke in fact. Her cooking column is being regularly ridiculed by the Daily Mail. The one thing she never fails at is looking like a first class British female. Her style is so preppy, classy and elitist. Just the way we’d picture a millionaire relative to the royals would dress in London. 

Here she’s carrying a Milli Mullu Vienna bag in the color cappuccino. She’s paired it really well with several different looks over a span of days. This shows that it’s totally okay to carry the same bag as long as you mix up the outfits. It always looks amazing with black nearly knee high boots. Two different types of jackets to wear with it are a plain camel/cappuccino peacoat/parka or a black one with cappuccino highlights. Either way, it looks absolutely fab. 

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