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Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra Ambrosio’s home country Brazil lost the World Cup semi-final to Brazil at a humiliating 7-1 defeat yesterday. Half of Victoria’s Secret supermodels must be crying their eyes out because so many of the tall, tan beauties come from that warm and energetic country. But even if you’re a supermodel, it’s okay to indulge in ice cream to feel a little better. 


Meanwhile, German supermodel Heidi Klum was having the time of her life counting all the goals her winning team was making!


Givenchy Bag
Sometimes when you’re in the Monday blues, it takes a model to remind you to keep it fabulous no matter what. Whether you’re getting off a long-haul flight or leaving the gym, it’s never an excuse to look like a slob. Even if you’re not 6 feet tall or ridiculously fit, you can still look super stylish by putting in the slightest bit of effort. The reasons models often look so good is because they wear designer clothes that are created with cuts and fit in mind. Too-loose or too tight looks less than flattering on anyone. Next, wear comfy shoes so you don’t feel like you’re torturing yourself at the alter of fashion. Throw on shades to look great even without makeup and don’t forget a fabulous leather It Bag like this Givenchy Antigonia number in olive green!

Alessandra Ambrosio
In cities like Los Angeles, where you have to walk everywhere, it doesn’t matter how big your handbag is. In fact, the bigger the better and the more recognizable the bag, the higher your status. But in cities where you’ll be doing a ton of walking like New York or Chicago, it can be a real drag to carry a heavy bag all day.

That’s why something beautiful yet compact like the Givenchy Pandora Billy Messenger bag is so essential. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and high utility. There are many high street bags trying to look like this but falling SO short.

 ‘Diorling’ Flap bag

Natalia Vodianova is one of our generation’s most recognizable model faces. The Russian beauty is now retired and married to an tycoon and makes less runway appearances. Instead of being on the catwalk, she watches from the front row. The fashion A lister attended Dior’s Fall 2013 fashion show, held in Moscow’s beautiful and historic Red Square.

Naturally, she wore a new Dior bag to the special event, which was attending by all of Europe’s elite.  The bag is called the Dior ‘Diorling’ Flap bag and it premiered in the Summer of 2013. The leather is soft but thick and fluffy – giving it an air of luxury. Its softness is further enhanced by the pastel interior. The glam factor comes from the pristine white color and gold metal chain.

‘Diorling’ Flap bag

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