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What a wild ride it’s been for Cara Delvingne. She’s only been in the modelling world for a few years but she’s skyrocketed to fame. Of course, it helps that her family is extremely well connected but that doesn’t explain why designers act like she’s the most beautiful woman to have ever lived. Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld called her the new Kate Moss, but to be fair, he complimented her charming personality more than her looks. It seems her wild and crazy antics are what have won her a legion of powerful fans. Mulberry has even named a bag after her – the Cara Delvingne bag, which she’s been spotted carrying all over the place during Paris Fashion Week.

Mulberry Tassel Bag

If you ever wondered how to look stylish without having to pull out all the stops, take your cues from Reese Witherspoon. This Oscar-winning actress known more for Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions than anything else has three beautiful kids and spends more time with them than on set. It’s sweet to see how devoted she is to her family, something few Hollywood types do instead of devoting every minute to beauty and style competition. 

The bag she’s carrying is the Mulberry Tassel Bag. These last few years, Mulberry and Celine have been breakout brands for hip 20 and 30-something women who love labels but don’t want to spend too much like that which you have to pay for an Hermes. This bag is so very cute with its metal detail and quirky tassels. The muted color allows it to stay a little demure and casual attire-appropriate.  

Kate Moss Handbag

Kate Moss is no longer a runway model (aside from her stunning post-Olympics event run with Naomi Campbell and other greats), but she’s still seen sitting front row at shows and other fashion events. What designer wouldn’t to have her present? She’s a living, walking, talking fashion icon. 

After this 2013 Mulberry show, she was the first one spotted carrying the Mulberry Willow tote overnight. Lesser mortals actually have to wait until the season arrives months later and the bags are stocked by stores. Lana del Rey, seated to her left, also received the honor of a Mulberry bag named after her but we like Kate’s bag better. It has a detachable clutch on the front, which is the coolest thing we’ve seen in bags for a while. It’s like a large front pocket but whenever you want, it can be zipped off and held as a clutch. See the picture of Kate on the left? We initially thought she was carrying two Mulberry bags but that’s just the clutch. Pretty neat.


Fearne Cotton Loves Her Mulberry Taylor Oversized Satchel Handbag

This spring, British superstar TV presenter Fearne Cotton has been spotted many times with her beloved Mulberry Taylor Oversized Satchel. The bag was previously seen on American It girl Blake Lively, who’s often toted around by fashion heavy weights Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour. Blake Lively’s jump from successful actress to fashion It girl is slightly ironic, considering that her look is effortless on the show Gossip Girl. Costar Leighton Meester plays Blair, a character who quickly became a fashion icon in teen circles as well as beauty blogs and fashion mags. Unfortunately for Leighton, it’s the effortless Serena’s real life persona who’s more magnetic in the field of fashion. Maybe that’s why Fearne took a cue from Blake’s book and got her hands on this vibrant Mulberry bag.

However, Fearne has no need to be a copycat. She’s a brand ambassador for the fashion house Mulberry and they even dressed her for Kate and William’s royal wedding. The pretty blonde’s often seen toting a Mulberry bag and this is just one in her countless collection. Recently, Fearne even auctioned off one of her Mulberry bags for charity. Clearly this one’s become a favorite since the star’s been seen with it so many times. Perhaps the quirky, irresistible color is what draws her to the bag.


Lana del Rey gets a Mulberry Bag Named After Her

 If you were entranced by Lana del Rey’s viral Youtub hit Video Games (it has nearly 35 million views by now), chances are you’ll love the latest Lana-inspired Mulberry bag. The instant pop star’s old Hollywood mystique meets ultra-modern glam is what caused Mulberry’s creative director to take notice of the young beauty and use it to create a fashion accessory. Creative director Emma Hills says of the step, “Her look is retrospective, yet so modern; which inspired us to create a bag that was timeless, refined, and elegant.”

The bag is part of the brand’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection and was showcased this year at London Fashion Week, where Lana sat front row clutching her namesake bag with a big grin. Of the assortment of dark, intense colors the bag comes in (black, burgundy, navy, etc), Lana was seen clutching the White Ostrich box-shaped del Rey.

In spite of her disastrous SNL performance and the hipster blogs that hate the singer for creating a manufactured image they feel is targeted towards them, Lana’s album is a smash hit. Not only does her dreamy, soothing music have a large following, her fashion sense has also skyrocketed her to fame. If her Youtube account is any sign of Lana’s ability to sway people in her favor, you’ll be spotting many more fashionistas sporting the del Rey coming this May.


Olivia Palermo was spotted in NYC with Mulberry & Gucci
Olivia Palermo was spotted in New York City Thursday (May 12) dressed casually in a white tank top with a white sweater and polka dotted skirt.

Olivia completed her outfit with Gucci Sunglasses, studded ‘Sigourney’ platform sandals also by Gucci and a Mulberry Tillie textured-leather shoulder bag.

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Do you ever get tired of drooling over the fabulous gear the “Gossip Girl” cast gets paid to wear? Nah, me neither. Especially when the wardrobe department includes this divine Mulberry Bayswater bag in gorgeous grey suede. I’d trade my liver for this baby, and I love the way it works with Blake’s beautiful jacket. Such a lovely look for fall!

Gadget girls who love their fashion will be as thrilled as we are with the latest Apple announcement.

The technology company, which launched a range of products this week, has also been busy in the fashion wings.

It’s teamed up with handbag favourite Mulberry to create a collection of sleek and stylish bags, especially to hold Apple’s best bits. This includes the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone and iPod Nano.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one of the nine pieces of the collection, which are basically Apple flavoured twists on the classic Mulberry collection.

For example, Mulberry’s classic Bayswater bag, has been given the Apple facelift through added padding to protect a laptop, and has eyelet holes for easy headphone access.

We know Mulberry doesn’t come cheap but, as the collection comes out on 1 December, we think it may well be worth putting this on top of the Christmas list.

Article & Image from – Shiny Shiny: A girl’s guide to gadgets


Look away, Blake Lively. Your boyfriend Penn Badgley and new co-star Hilary Duff are steaming up the “Gossip Girl” set. Those “Gossip Girl” stylists have worked Hilary over, putting her in a pretty pastel floral frock with a bright green Mulberry Mitzy handbag with gold studs along the top. I love the purse, and can’t wait to see what “GG” has in store for the Duffster next!


Kate Bosworth’s style can sometimes be hit or miss, but I’d say that this boyish look is definitely a hit. Totally digging the shades, white tee, gray shrunken blazer, dark skinny jeans, and brown oxfords, and that black Mulberry Daria Satchel is the icing on the cake. It’s sophisticated yet unassuming, and could be worn with a variety of looks. Kate’s a well-known fan of the handbag brand, and looking at this photo it’s easy to see why.

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