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It is no surprise to those who know her that Naya Rivera loves vintage Hermès and Chanel, and when you see her out and about you almost always see her with one of those two kinds of bags.

In case you haven’t heard, Naya Rivera has been making headlines for months now. She’s dropped her engagement with with her fiance Big Sean. They only dated for 6 months yet they were engaged to be married. After they broke up, it was quite obvious to her fans and followers that they hardly knew each other at all because she publicly accused him of stealing from her on Twitter. Is there anything more embarrassing than letting the world know you accidentally wound up engaged to a petty criminal? 

And if that wasn’t a trashy debacle enough, the rumors surrounding her on the Glee set made it worse. Rumor has it, she’s been fighting with Lea Michele to out-diva the number one star of the show. If that sounds too far-fetched and more likely to be a publicity stunt to you, consider the fact that Lea Michele has been garnering a lot of fans for showing off her overall fitness on Instagram. For the last couple of years, the girl’s had a superfit, Instagram-ready body. Lately Naya’s been showing off VERY similar poses, letting us know that there is definitely a competitive edge to her and direct competition. 

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