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Nicky Hilton & Her Magenta Balenciaga City Bag

Nicky Hilton was out and about in Beverly Hills wearing Chanel Logo Aviator Sunglasses and carrying a Magenta Balenciaga City Bag.

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Nicky Hilton pumps gas with Chanel

Nicky Hilton was recently spotted pumping gas in West Hollywood looking like a disheveled tourist.

Nicky is wearing sailor shorts by Madewell, Classic Tank with Pocket by Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin Cataribbon Espadrilles and of course her Classic Red Chanel Flap Bag.

Love the shoes and bag but the shorts and tank combo are almost hideous 🙁

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Nicky Hilton shops in Beverly Hills with Chanel

It’s certainly not your average shopping outfit. Then again, Beverly Hills is hardly your average shopping destination.

Nikki Hilton dressed up in a fur vest and showed off a Classic Red Chanel Flap Bag as she visited the stores in the upmarket Los Angeles district Last week.

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Nicky Hilton talking on her phone as she goes shopping at James Perse in West Hollywood Los Angeles.

Nicky Hilton talking on her phone as she goes shopping at James Perse in West Hollywood Los Angeles yesterday (12/1/09). She’s wearing Valentino 5619/S Sunglasses, Chloe Catlyn Short Boots and carrying a Chloe Paddington Square Shoulder Bag in Tan.


Now, normally I’d scoff at a gal waltzing into the gym with a designer purse on her arm. Arm candy belongs at the galleria, not some sweaty gym. Still, I can’t help but admire Nicky Hilton’s odd-but-chic workout ensemble paired with a to-die-for Hermes Birkin. Sure, it’s “silly,” but the sleek monochrome style flows nicely, especially given Nicky’s edgy leather jacket, which mirrors the bag’s leather. Now, I wonder how many calories you can burn by carrying Hermes?


Nicky Hilton has a new favorite bag. She has been spotted with the Valentino Patent Nuage in both black and white.


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