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Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is used to the constant flurry of activity that follows her wherever she goes in New York with daughter Suri. That’s just a price of fame when you have an incredibly high profile romance, marriage and divorce with a decades-long celebrity like Tom Cruise. For her to spend time in Los Angeles must be a hellish experience because for most famous people, New York gives them a chance for respite. If you’re getting hounded  by the paps in NYC, you’re going to get hounded 100X worse in L.A.

So it makes sense that Katie flew down to Miami for a break with her daughter in tow. Although Miami is warm even in the summer, Katie looks slightly cold with blue lips by the pool in her hot pink bikini. What looks super fab next to her is her Valentino tote. That’s one of the perks of being rich and famous. You may not get any privacy but at least you have so much money that using a bag worth thousands of dollars as a beach tote feels normal.

Cameron Diaz's Chanel Cerf Tote
Cameron Diaz has been a pretty busy lady lately. For those of you wondering why you haven’t seen her in a film, it’s because she’s been busy creating and being a part of her newest flick “The Other Woman.” The cast is huge and even includes funny lady Leslie Mann and newcomer celebumodel Kate Upton. To get a break from filming, Cameron jetted off on a luxury holiday with pal Gwyneth Paltrow. On the flight back to New York, she was spotted with the Chanel Cerf bag in beige. This bag is a celeb fave. Lady Gaga’s been spotted with a black one and reality star Kyle Richardson has one in the same color as Cameron. 

Gwyneth Paltrow's Celine Luggage Tote
Gwyneth Paltrow’s having a very busy season. She inexplicably got named People Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the year. Her online magazine Goop has been under fire for suggesting readers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury designer clothing. Everything she endorses is insanely expensive. However, she can’t help that she’s wealthy and isn’t ashamed of enjoying it. Whether others like it or not, she gives advice and those who can afford to take it love her for it. 

The rest of us can just sit back and watch her style herself to perfection. She was recently spotted carrying this black and white Celine Luggage tote in New York. When she carried it in the evening, it really complemented her outfit nicely. She always manages to look pristine and WASP-ish when she dresses up. However, when she carried it the morning after she just looked like a regular person without the professionally done hair and makeup. But kudos to her for being able to wear leather skinny jeans after two kids. Many of us can’t do that when we’re in our 20’s and she puts us to shame in her 40’s! 

Givenchy Antigona Tote
It’s really hard to believe that when we get candid paparazzi shots of Olivia Palermo, it’s just her being herself and walking about dressed the way she normally does. That’s right ladies, this is her casual style, not her full-glam for a photoshoot style. What do you pair your incredibly edgy leather pants while keeping the overall look all one theme? 

The only logical answer is a luxurious crocodile leather tote by no brand lesser than Givenchy. This is the Givenchy Antigona Tote in black croc leather. The soft, gray sweater adds a cozy touch to the otherwise intense outfit and the pink floral pumps add a warm feminine accent. This is definitely one of the best ways to carry this well-structured luxury handbag.  

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