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Vanessa Paradis Chanel Clutch
The only thing that hasn’t changed about Vanessa Paradis over the last few years is how slender she is. A few years ago, she was spotted at Paris Fashion Week with long straight hair, looking like a bombshell. Now she doesn’t look like she takes herself too seriously anymore, judging by her relaxed denim jeans look. Vanessa’s hair choice is perplexing as well. The curls look a bit unnatural on her. They say women make drastic hairstyle changes when they’re going through traumatic life changes. Does the fact that her ex-husband Johnny Depp left her for a 20-something Amber Heard is now officially, publicly engaged? Ouch.

Lady Gaga showed up in New York this weekend looking like an absolutely fabulous cross between Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O. For once, her outfit is all class with a touch of drama, minus the over the top theatrics. Her nose seems to be shrinking but her hair is more vivacious than ever (even though it’s probably a wig.) 

The bag she was spotted carrying was the Versace Medusa Tote, which is STILL not available in stores. You can shop for it online but it hasn’t been released to the pubic yet. The Medusa hardware in gold is Versace’s icon and they seem to be trying to make it as recognizable as Louis Vuitton’s monogram, Herme’s H and Chanel’s double C’s. We like it so we’re in favor of this new trend. So far, the one other celeb who’s been seen with this tote was Selena Gomez during Paris Fashion Week. She was carrying it during a meeting with Anna Wintour so you know this bag has the approval of fashion’s biggest power players. Future It bag for sure!

Kim Kardashian
Sigh, it’s actually painful to see Kim Kardashian roam around looking like a formerly wealthy hobo. The camel trench coat isn’t doing her any favors and the only thing that makes up for the rest of her outfit is her leather Balenciaga bag. Ever since the reality star started dating Kanye West, she’s completely given up her own personal style in favor of whatever the rapper-turned-designer puts her in. It all started with an episode of her show in which he threw out the entire contents of her closet in order to restyle her. 

Now she’s no longer known for her dark, luscious locks, exotic makeup looks or blingy dresses. Now she’s often seen wearing head to toe all one color and her hair is stringy and limp as a result of a bad dye job. We miss the Kim Kardashian of olden days. To make matters worse, a Paris Fashion Week insider is claiming Kanye’s new range left viewers unimpressed and the famous couple are laughed at wherever they go. To make it EVEN worse, there are rumors that Kim’s show is about to be canceled for lack of viewers. 


Miranda Kerr

 This weekend, Miranda Kerr opened the show for Stella McCartney during Paris Fashion Week. The model was the face of the designer’s spring/summer 14 collection. To get even more involved, Miranda carried a structured bag from the the autumn winter 13 collection outside of the show as well. No doubt the bag was a gift from Stella, who also happens to be the daughter of Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

Stella is famous for her modern English style. Structured outfits, solid colors, no fuss and very sophisticated glamour. She is also an animal rights advocate and the bag is made of faux leather. That may be why it looks so sturdy and not at all soft.

Miranda Kerr


 Lady Gaga’s Louis Vuitton ‘North South’ Sunshine Express bag is making us drool with envy. When was the last time you saw a Louis bag that looked this spectacularly flashy and glamorous at the same time? The star often makes some questionable fashion choices with meat dresses, arriving in eggs and forgetting to wear pants. But this bag is so glam that it makes you not even realize she’s wearing a simple oversized T-shirt. She looks like someone worthy of being at Paris fashion week because that’s what this bag is – pure Parisian class. 

Available in burgundy, purple and yellow, the bag is adorned with sequins that spell out the LV monogram – don’t worry, the LVs are all still there and as cute as ever, only much shinier. It has a matching leather lining for a luxe look even as you’re fishing through it for lost lipstick. 


Ashley Olsen, Christian Louboutin and Mary-Kate Olsen hit Hit Paris Fashion Week to launch new line of The Row Handbags

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen pose with French footwear designer Christian Louboutin at Parisian shop Montaigne Market where they launched their new handbags for “The Row” line in Paris, France on September 29, 2011.

The Row has been doing quite well and demand for their alligator backpack has been huge. Sure it has a $39,000 price tag, but that doesn’t seem to stop people. Ashley told reporters, “It was the first thing that sold off the shelf.” MK and Ashley spent a lot of the night hanging with Christian Louboutin, who considers the girls his godchildren

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch Handbag Collection in Paris

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Above is short film featuring Lady Gaga’s remix of Government Hooker released exclusively for Thierry Mugler. Tattooed Canadian model Rico Genest stars in this short fashion film, playing with pearls and flowing black chiffon.He was discovered by Lady Gaga’s stylist and creative director Nicola Formichetti via Facebook.

Below is the Official Director’s Cut of Mugler Fall 2011 Women’s Fashion Show with Lady Gaga, Rico Genest and the Government Hooker Mugler remix.

Lily Allen poses for photographs while arriving at the Chanel fashion show - Photo by

Lily Allen makes her way from the Grand Palais in Paris after attending the Fall-winter Chanel fashion show. Lilly makes her outfit pop by carrying her Chanel Classic Flap Bag in red patent leather.

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Kate Moss Smoking on the Catwalk at Louis Vuitton Show

Kate Moss makes a surprise appearance on the catwalk at the Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2011 show at the Carre du Louvre during Paris Fahion Week.

Kate Moss stormed down the catwalk in black shorts and laced-up boots at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris, with one distinctive accessory: a lit cigarette. She made quite the statement–for national anti-smoking day.

The show, which Marc Jacobs said aimed to reflect woman’s freedom of expression, has led to a controversy that’s more about politics than handbags. Her rebellion follows the U.K.’s plans to introduce plain packaged cigarettes hidden from display. Though it might just have been Kate’s successful attempt to steal the limelight.

March 9, 2011 – Photos by Bauer Griffin

Nicole Richie - Paris Fashion Week 2011

Nicole Richie was in Paris for Fashion Week and spent an afternoon at the Maitre Jardinier’s shop in Saint Germain des Près before having lunch with some friends in Carrousel du Louvre.

Nicole looks fabulous and is carrying a Celine Luggage Tote, wearing Chanel sunglasses with Balenciaga pumps.



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