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Givenchy Small Antigona Duffel
Blake Lively is just another celeb who’s been spotted carrying a pastel bag in the last few months. It seems that the fashion crowd is heading towards lighter colors when it comes to bags for some reason. It’s not just for spring or summer, although it looks even better in warmer temperatures. Rihanna was spotted with a light pink leather bag, as was Karlie Kloss, although they both went for Louis Vuitton instead of Givenchy. It says a lot that both brands have put out the same color. 

Here, Blake’s choice of bag makes a statement on it’s own. Just because she’s wearing a lot of black doesn’t mean she has to go for a white or black bag. The choice of pastel or light pink really makes her look stand out. And if that weren’t enough to make her look envious, check out the man holding an umbrella over her head like she’s a princess. Stars, they’re really not like the rest of us. 

Rihanna loves her Givenchy Lucrezia bag so much, she chose to dye her hair and wear shoes to match. It’s possible that she chose her accessories to match her hair, but her hair changes so often that we’re willing to believe she’d do the opposite. It’s surprising that its summer and she doesn’t have a hit single out. That would make things interesting because Iggy Azalea has two songs in the top two. If Rihanna were to put out a single and get beat by Iggy, that would be bad because she’d immediately be dethroned as the Queen of hip hop. It looks like RiRi’s made enough money to chill out and relax for a while. She doesn’t seem too concerned about the competition as she attends Laker games. If you had the power, influence, money and wardrobe she has access to (including free goodies from all the major designers fresh of the runway every season), would you still wo,rry about your career constantly? Nope? Didn’t think so. You do you, Rihanna. 

There’s something about Karlie Kloss’s new Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit bag that makes her look like a Barbie. It may be her supermodel slender legs or it could be the fact that it looks exactly like the kind of bag Barbie would have had – right down to the shape and perfectly bubble gum color. The difference is this is by the iconic French brand Louis Vuitton and it’s exterior texture is soft, luxurious leather. Her look varied a little bit throughout the day, from when she stepped out in casual clothing to when she dressed it up with an updo and a trenchcoat. Either way, she looked tres chic because of her gorgeous bag. The color is different from the darker hues we’re used to seeing from LV. It’s a nice change. 

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