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Oliva Palermo

Whistles’ handbag line has become insanely popular because who’s who in fashion has been spotted with these oversized Delilah clutches. They simply can’t get enough – from fashion icon Olivia Palermo to UK editors of Teen Vogue and Harper’s. Now that Whistle’s has made it possible to get them monogrammed with your initials, they look even more exclusive and stylish. You can get one of these leather clutches in the pink color above or a simple black. The can be monogrammed in lively hues of aquamarine, lavender and lime. The clutch actually costs half the price of the monogramming service but the extra touch is worth it!


Even if you’ve never seen Jersey Shore, there’s hardly even a slim chance you have’t heard of it. The record-breaking reality show changed how MTV operates. Instead of following around spoiled rich white kids, they went after extremely tanned guidos and guidettes who party hard. Anyone who’s seen the the show knows what the cast’s style is like. Flashy, bright and very Jersey. 

All things come to and end and even though the show got canceled, JWoww and Snookie moved on and created a new show of their own. That in addition to their personal product lines and the string of events they get paid to promote has made the pair very wealthy girls. Unfortunately, money can’t buy class and JWoww really needs a stylish. Her outfit is sloppy and the only thing fab about it is the bag, which is no thanks to her. The credit is due to Michael Kors. The brand has been understated in the past but they seem to be targeting a younger audience now with the insanely bright colors and abundance of studs. Pretty neat look if you can pull it off. 

The Celine Phantom Luggage Tote

Tamara Ecclestone is definitely one of the luckiest ladies on Earth — nay, one of the luckiest humans on the planet. The billionaire heiress has billions of her own to flaunt around. She has a near 100 million dollar house in London and is on her way to purchasing one in America. Walt Disney’s former mansion to be exact. Her Birkin bag collection totals to several hundred thousand dollars, so whenever we see her in public, she’s usually carrying one of those in every color under the sun. 

Lately, she’s been spotted with Celine. You know when the woman with the most Birkins on Earth starts leaving hers at home that the trend is shifting away to another brand. Celine has without a doubt, become the most trendy bag in the fashion world. These days, nearly every celeb seen in public is carrying one. This is the Celine Luggage bag in a pink color so bright it’s nearly red. We like! 

Chloe Sally Bag

Candice Swanepoel exploded onto the Victoria’s Secret scene just a few years ago but she’s such an asset to Pink that we can’t even remember life without her. Her personal style is somewhere between the mature sophistication of Miranda Kerr and the young upbeat style of Cara Delvigne. 

Here she was spotted getting mobbed by fans and paparazzi outside of Los Angeles international airport. She’s holding a beige cream colored Sally bag by Chloe, which has been around for a while now. It still looks brand new because we don’t see it often. So if you want to be spotted wearing a bag which looks hot off the runway but doesn’t come with a freshly minted sky high price, pick one which isn’t on every other fashionista’s arm! 

Maria Sharapova was spotted over the holidays carrying the Chloe Alice Tote bag


Maria Sharapova was spotted in Brisbane airport with this beautiful Chloe bag. Called the Python Alice bag in Blush and black, it’s the perfect combo of feminine dusty rose contrasted with a strong black hue. The fresh, solid color is a breath of fresh air from the normal hot pink-black combos, which have been an eyesore. 

Known for more than just being a beautiful Russian tennis star, Maria has dated pop stars and has been a fashion world darling for many years now. Her incredibly tall, slim and athletic body looks fabulous in expensive clothes. Even when she’s in casual flats and slacks, she looks great because she’s naturally stunning and because her Chloe bag is a treat for eyes that love fashion. The design in the front is also spot on with the color blocking trend. 

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