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Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery
One of the reasons Kim Kardashian became famous is unmentionable. The other reason not everyone realizes is because she is a beauty icon, especially for dark-haired women or women with a tan. For brunettes with brown eyes and a penchant for glamorous, dramatic looks, she was a breath of fresh air in the mid 2000s. In those days, almost all the famous celebs were white, skinny girls with blonde hair and makeup to match. Kim came bursting through the door with long, thick wavy hair. Her curls were to die for. Everyone lost it trying to copy them. Her eye makeup took Middle Eastern style mainstream and made the smokey look all the rage. Everyone knew which color lipgloss was her favorite – Nars Turkish Delight.

But now that she’s married, had a baby and has moved on from being a Beverly Hills girl to a Paris High Fashion girl, all of that is no more. Her makeup look is unremarkable. Her fashion style is so fancy it can’t be mimicked by girls in their teens or twenties. She’s just no longer accessible. And the worst part is she’s lost her easygoing smile due to botox. The chemical has caused her skin to get so stretched out that a smile is no longer possible and her upper lip area is unnaturally large as a result, changing the look of her entire face.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Lisa Vanderpump

If we didn’t see the fancy ladies of the Real Housewives franchise wearing designer labels, who would that leave? The ladies of the show are the epitome of high class fashion. When you see fashion week photos leaking on Instagram and Facebook, keep in mind that people like this are the ones getting a new wardrobe each year. After all, when your job is to look wealthy and fabulous, keeping up is expected. 

Lisa is one of the most famous of the notorious reality TV housewives so you know she’s going to look fabulous at all times. This extremely shiny bag is Dolce and Gabbana (of course) and it’s called the Miss Sicily Sequin bag. It’s absolutely covered in silver sequins and it’s definitely an eye-catching piece. As is her Bentley, a car that’s more expensive than most people’s homes in America. The woman knows how to spend a dime. 

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