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Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani may not have a hit song out this summer, but that doesn’t stop her from stepping out like the rockstar she is. At this point, she’s made so many hits over the years that she doesn’t feel the urgency to be on the charts every year to prove she’s still got it. Even though this lady is in her 40’s now, she’s in better shape and better dressed than most of the new pop stars out there. W hile other “basic” ladies out there are carrying only Chanel and Celine, Gwen shows she’s beyond that and into a more diverse set of labels. She clearly knows that Louboutins aren’t just shoes. This particular bag is the Christian Louboutin Panettone Spiked Satchel. From the front, it just looks like it’s embellished with multicolored studs when they are in fact spikes that look very edgy from the side. This multicolored bag looks even more fabulous paired with Gwen’s intense red heels!

Christian Louboutin

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been in the news quite a lot this past week. First, her 4th of July made the most waves of any celebrity celebration in the US simply because of how many famous faces she got together. She partied with Lena Dunham, Jessica Szohr, Emma Stone and so many others as though they’ve been BFFs for life. Do celebrities hang out together because they genuinely love each other as their huge smiles indicate or do they hang out together because their photos come out ridiculously good? That’s a question for the ages. The vintage-loving pop star then penned an article explaining to aspiring musicians that success comes to those who can connect with their fans. This sage advice would be a little easier to swallow if she were to explain how to get those fans in the first place. That’s like explaining how to wear a cute little black dress without explaining how to get legs and long and slender as her own. Oh wait, some things come down to luck, not just hard work. 

Ariana Grande Chanel at The White House
Anyone who listens to any kind top hits music, whether it’s on Youtube, iTunes, the radio or Spotify will have heard of Ariana Grande by now. She’s the first Nickelodeon star whose fame is reaching the heights of former Disney stars. Her song “Problem” with Iggy Azalea is already one of summer’s biggest hits, having been in the top spot for weeks. Her collaboration with Iggy means she’s aiming for a more mature audience than the usual pre-teens of Nickelodeon. That also means that in the next couple of years, you’ll see her style transform rapidly as her fan base grows along with her fame and bank balance. 

For now, she’s still phase pop stars go through when try to break away from a younger audience to a wider one closer to their own age. That means a cutesty violet dress but bedroom hair and go-go boots. It’s expected to see many such combinations of innocence and sex appeal in her outfits while she still draws the line between youthful sweetness and more mature charisma. Her Chanel bag looks really cute on her shoulder, maybe because the sweater is so massive and fluffy that it makes the mini bag look even more miniature. Either way, her outfit reminds us of the retro look Kirsten Dunst and Michele Williams had in their popular 90’s movie about going to the White House. 

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Taylor Swift Dolce & Gabbana Sara Pebbled Bag
Just because Valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean you can’t wear red. In fact, bust out that red lipstick while the weather’s still freezing. There’s no better time to wear hot reds than when it’s cold outside. The burst of fire on your lips makes you look like someone who’s fun to cozy up with. It doesn’t get very cold in L.A. but that didn’t stop Taylor from stepping out wearing a red sweater (and yes, it comes tattered that way!) Her casual look was topped off with a casual but very grown up bag, the Dolce And Gabbana Sara Pebbled bag. It’s a no-fuss bag with a single gold clasp on top for ladies who hate the thought of their stuff falling out if they throw their bag around.

Taylor Swift
If you missed the Grammy’s last night, there was one deliciously entertaining moment when T Swift thought she had won the Best Album of The Year Grammy when she had in fact lost it to Daft Punk. She was thisclose to doing her surprised beauty pageant contestant routine when she quickly regained composure. The entire Swift camp pulled the same face before deflating. Apparently they were all 99% sure the award was about to go to her!

Taylor can console herself knowing no one else has retro 50’s style down pat like she does. Her Tod’s Red Tote is one of her favorite bags and we’ve spotted her with it countless times. It may be simple but that’s her signature style. Effortless, upper crust and retro preppy chic. It’s too bad she broke up with the Kennedy she was dating because she would have made a great Jackie 2.0.

Versace's signature flap handle bag


If you look at Lady Gaga’s recent outfit, it’s pretty clear that she did go to the same New York prep school as Paris Hilton. She looks like a cross between a Vegas dancer and an LA party girl, which is way more Paris Hilton style than it is Gaga. Last time we saw her, she looked Hollywood glam and the time before that, she looked very Gaga in a crazy theatrical headpiece. At least we’re not bored.

The lavender colored shoes and matching bag are both from Versace’s 2014 Spring/Summer line. The bag is called the Versace signature flap handle bag and it’s quite similar to the last bag the singer was spotted with, which was also Versace (the Medusa bag). Versace seems to be trying to join Hermes and Celine in producing large tote-like bags. Looks like they’re going to be successful because we can picture many fashionable women carrying this new style in the years to come. 

Rita Ora Chanel

Rita Ora isn’t just a British pop star. She’s Cara Delvigne’s best friend, which makes for a quick crossover into the world of fashion. You can’t be out partying with one of the world’s top models without absorbing a taste for fashion through osmosis.

Even when she’s dressed down, her accesories perk her look up. The white pumps are perfect with her white skinnies and the yellow Chanel flap bag adds a bright hue to keep the look from being too pink. It even matches her hair, almost. We’re realy hoping Rita’s taste in style continues to evolve in the same vein, instead of turning into a spectacle of hideousness like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj.

Rita Ora Chanel2

Connecticut_July_3_2013 Mark Cross Scottie Large Flap Satchel in Cuoio

Taylor Swift is not only a singer/songwriter. She likes to dabble in real estate as well. She’s been collecting homes ever since she started making tons of money after appearing on American Idol. One of her collector homes is a huge mansion in Connecticut, where she was spotted recently in one of her signature summer dresses and flats.

Taylor hates swaying away from her tried and tested looks so much that she already has this bag in a camel color, which she’s worn with a hundred different variations of this outfit. But hey, if you love something, why not stick to it?

Connecticut_July_3_2013 Mark Cross Scottie Large Flap Satchel in Cuoio2 

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