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miranda kerr chanel bag

Miranda Kerr, has always been gorgeous and well-dressed no matter what time of day it is. And she totally owns the title “Supermodel Slash Super Mother” in this photo where she is spotted juggling her son Flynn in the busy streets of NYC. (Boy, she’s one strong lady!) Rocking a jean jacket and sheer black skirt accessorized with bright red pumps, the former Angel looks stunning, as usual.

Also known for her great designer bag choices, we can’t help but take a second, even third look not only on her famous face but most importantly we’re eyeing that $3k Denim Chanel Tote she has in tow. (Oh! And Flynn’s really as cute as a button, of course!)

The price is insane right? But then again, it’s a Chanel and besides, its Miranda Kerr … “recession” seems to be completely out of place with this lovely girl. With all those endorsement deals tied to her name, it’s not a wonder she can afford a $3,000 designer purse we’re now jonesing 😉

So, would you break the bank for this one? Sound off in the comment box below…we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Miranda Kerr Hermes Birkin
Ever since Miranda Kerr split from Victoria’s Secret, she’s been making her way in the world with her own personal style. Her outfits are very sophisticated and grown-up, which is very unique if you take a look at what the other Angels and ex-Angels wear. Most of them are very casual, even in cases of more famous and successful models like Gisele. Others, like Alessandra Ambrosio have kids but still dress like they’re in their teens. Cut-off denim short shorts and bare midriffs in typical Coachella fashion. It’s nice to see a beautiful girl put in the effort to look polished even though her pretty face could carry her even if she wore a potato sack. Her bag is serious business too – a svelte Hermes Birkin in luxury black leather. Wouldn’t anyone who could afford it indulge in this status icon?

LAX_July_6_2013 GUCCI Red Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote Bag

Why do models who are nearly 6 feet tall feel the need to wear heels to get even taller? Besides the obvious fact that they make legs look longer, heels make models stand apart from the crowd so much so that you can tell right away they’re not average humans.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s the oversized designer bags that can set apart a woman and really make her look like an exceptionally fabulous beauty. Model Rosie was spotted at LAX with this Gucci Bamboo Shopper. It’s so red that it makes you wonder if it’s Valentine’s day already. At least that would explain why the blonde bombshell looks so giddy with joy.


Every time someone reminds us that Kylie Jenner is only 15, we’re still a little shocked. The two younger sisters – Kylie and Kendall seemed glued at the hip about a year ago. But then taller, slimmer Kendall flew the coop and decided to become a runway model. Since Kylie’s a couple of inches too short, she decided to become a “personality” instead, like the rest of her family.

The young reality star seems to be following in her sisters’ footsteps, tweeting shockingly revealing and sexualized images of herself in skimpy bikinis. However, it’s possible that her style could evolve to be better than Kendall’s, who wears whatever will make her look skinny or like a VS model. Kylie doesn’t have model legs but she is getting the hang of looking like a celeb, practicing with the Celine bag she was given by her family as a Christmas present this past holiday season.


Jennifer Garner’s Givenchy Lucrezia bag looks surprisingly similar to the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag. The short straps and duffle shape make it look similar but the two vertical lines on the exterior of the Givenchy version are slimmer. The beige color makes it convenient for the soccer mom to tote it around with any outfit.

The Hollywood A lister doesn’t seem to care about designer labels, judging from her other outfits. Not only does she prefer to stay comfortable, she also doesn’t get followed by as many paparazzi if she’s not always done up like an Ecclestone or a Kardashian each time she steps out. Less to report on means less stalkers. Good for her.


There’s a reason why one of the characters from the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez flick Gigli kept asking to go see “Baywatch” at the beach. The classic hit show is a staple of early 90’s pop culture. That’s why people still know who Pamela Anderson is even though she hasn’t been in a film for ages. Apparently she’s doing well and is fit and healthy in spite of her Hep C diagnosis.

And in spite of being out of work, she’s doing well enough to afford a extravagantly expensive Hermes Birkin handbag. Not to snark, but it actually does help make her look less bleach blonde and more Hollywood. That may be why she’s holding it in front of herself…to flaunt it more.

Celine Yellow Phantom Bag

Khloe is the Kardashian we follow most often. Though Kim is more famous and Kourtney and Kris also have an intense passion for designer bags, Khloe is the one who stays the most up to date. She carries trendier pieces from time to time while the others stick to black totes – mostly Chanel and Birkins. 

Here, Khloe is carrying the Celine Yellow Lemon Phantom Bag from the Summer 2013 collection. It’s unbelievable that it’s so close to summer holidays already. Khloe seems to have a good grip on the season’s style. A flowey print dress, quirky hair and gladiator style strappy heels. Whether the heels are fresh again or its still too soon to bring back this trend is up to you, but its safe to say the brightly colored bag is a nice touch. 

Pippa Middleton & The Vienna

Pippa Middleton became internationally famous after walking as the Maid of Honor at her sister’s wedding to Prince WIlliam a couple of years ago. Since then, she hasn’t been able to do anything right. Her party planning book was a total flop – a joke in fact. Her cooking column is being regularly ridiculed by the Daily Mail. The one thing she never fails at is looking like a first class British female. Her style is so preppy, classy and elitist. Just the way we’d picture a millionaire relative to the royals would dress in London. 

Here she’s carrying a Milli Mullu Vienna bag in the color cappuccino. She’s paired it really well with several different looks over a span of days. This shows that it’s totally okay to carry the same bag as long as you mix up the outfits. It always looks amazing with black nearly knee high boots. Two different types of jackets to wear with it are a plain camel/cappuccino peacoat/parka or a black one with cappuccino highlights. Either way, it looks absolutely fab. 

blue Proenza Schouler PS13 Bag

Dakota Fanning has been one the hardest working child actresses of the past decade. In this decade, she’s emerging into a stylish young lady of style and substance. Her natural talent for picking beautiful ensembles is showcased with this outfit. Leather pants, black boots, blue coat, blue scarf and blue bag 

The three different shades of blue are a pretty neat idea. The bag she used to complete the look is the Proenza Schouler PS13 Bag. We’re clearly moving on from the PS11 and PS12 now that the newer version is available and starting to appear on the high street. It has a new, fresh shape but is available in many of the same beloved bright colors. Something about this bag is so New York girl.



Kourtney is known as one of the lesser pretty sisters of the Kardashian Klan but there’s plenty she’s good at. We’re not sure if it’s a natural talent or if she pays a stylist to help her look this put together, but she looks pretty great. Kourtney was seen bopping around Beverly Hills in an outfit which would have been perfect for a Lindsay Lohan court appearance. 

Jokes aside, she’s carrying the new Celine Trio bag. It’s called that because it’s actually three purse-shaped compartments held together. This conveniently compartmentalized bag makes it easy to store things and from the side, it looks like a cute mini accordian.  

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