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If  contemporary fashion trends a la Kardashian aren’t your style, follow one of this generation’s rock icons instead. We don’t see very many Dolce & Gabbana bags being showcased in street style but Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine makes a good case of how it’s done. She pieced together a look comprising of a flowing, floral print dress, retro chunky heels in maroon and this snakeskin Dolce bag. It’s called the Miss Sicily bag (Dolce is an Italian brand and Sicily is a beautiful city in the gorgeous country) and it’s python print. Couldn’t get more rock n roll if it tried.


It’s an unwritten rule that every celebrity needs to be spotted regularly at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California. That’s where Julianne Hough was seen with this super cute Chloe bag from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The cream-colored perfectly complemented the darker hues of her outfit, which were blacks and army green. The pristine white bag is actually the Chloe Sally Python bag. The snakeskin leather keeps it looking edgy even though the color is so preppy and sophisticated. It has a chain handle on the shoulder strap. The frame and hardware are golden. If you’re not into reptile prints, you can also get it in Calfskin and Ayers.



It’s strange to see Kate Moss not only smiling but carrying a tote as colorful as this one. Could the rebellious model have found true inner peace? With the right outfit and accessories, it seems you really can reach zen.

The outfit is actually genius. A gray dress that is loosely fitted to enjoy the summer breeze and stiletto booties fit for a model create an edgy look. The Balenciaga Python A4 Tote bag adds all the color the look needs, making it seasonally appropriate.


Givenchy ‘Tejus’ Python Embossed Antigona bag

Jennifer Garner must be one happy woman. Her husband’s film Argo just won an Oscar, she has three beautiful kids in one of Hollywood’s happiest-seeming marriages and she has an amazing handbag collection. She’s often spotted with her adorable kids in tow around town. Since she has to run after them, the outfits she wears are very casual. Luckily, her bags are free to be as fashionable as she wants. 

Since many designers make oversized totes, it’s easy for her to carry something which looks drop dread gorgeous but brings high utility as well. This is the Givenchy Antigonia in Python. The blue color and the python print together make it look so expensive and stylish. Throwing a bag like this over your shoulder is such a quick and easy way to look like Hollywood royalty. 

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