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Kim Kardashian Tote Bags Exotic Skin Tote
Remember how the summer before last, all Kim Kardashian carried was Chanel and Celine on her arm? It looks like she’s back to her beloved Hermes. This range of bags is called the Birkin. The Birkin is infamous and needs no introduction. Women who can afford them start out by getting the most recognizable and usable versions of the bag – the black and orange leather Birkins. But when you’re a woman like Kim Kardashian, the basic stuff is really not what people expect to see you in. 

The latest Birkins Kim’s been seen with are the huge black Birkin Kanye gave to her as a present, you know, the one with the handpainted Picasso-like painted ladies. This one is definitely more low-key, even though it most likely also cost a fortune. It’s a relatively small sized snake leather Birkin. The exotic animal print Birkins are always higher priced than the basic leather Birkins, so just because it’s small doesn’t make this Hermes bag modest!

Versace's signature flap handle bag


If you look at Lady Gaga’s recent outfit, it’s pretty clear that she did go to the same New York prep school as Paris Hilton. She looks like a cross between a Vegas dancer and an LA party girl, which is way more Paris Hilton style than it is Gaga. Last time we saw her, she looked Hollywood glam and the time before that, she looked very Gaga in a crazy theatrical headpiece. At least we’re not bored.

The lavender colored shoes and matching bag are both from Versace’s 2014 Spring/Summer line. The bag is called the Versace signature flap handle bag and it’s quite similar to the last bag the singer was spotted with, which was also Versace (the Medusa bag). Versace seems to be trying to join Hermes and Celine in producing large tote-like bags. Looks like they’re going to be successful because we can picture many fashionable women carrying this new style in the years to come. 

Khloe With Her Lovely Python-Front-Flap Celine Trapeze Bag

We’ve got to admit, Khloe Kardashian just may be our favorite Kardashian sister. Not only is she 5 11″, always spotted in fabulous clothes sporting amazing bags, but she’s married to Lamar Odom! This Kardashian sister also seems the most down to earth on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. She shows her sweet side when she’s constantly worrying about her whole family, especially her husband.

Every fashionista knows how Celine took the fashion world by storm. We’ve spotted Khloe with various Celine bags at different occasions, but this might be the best yet. Khloe was spotted the other day carrying a python front flap Celine trapeze bag. We love the front python pattern and matching deep side colors of the bag. The side and neutral colors make it a great bag for any occasion, any day.

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