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It’s hard to believe that Lauren Conrad has a song named after her by a Swedish DJ called Adrian Lux, but it’s true. Even though this former party girl is now totally domestic and into designing glassware and home-decorating, her name inspired a hit tune. Actually, that’s not true. Adrian Lux randomly chose her name as a “temporary title” and then it just stuck. That makes more sense, considering how she’s more pastel than electronic. If she were the kind of girl to be in neon, black or daring clothes, it would make more sense. Her style is beautiful, just not the most trendy. Her Balenciaga bag comes from a line of edgy bags, but the color she chose goes with her traditional, classic look. 

Kim Kardashian
If you’ve been wondering why there have been so few posts about Kim lately, it’s because she’s been in hiding for months now. When the reality star gained a lot of weight because of her pregnancy, she disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. About a month ago, she gave birth but chose to stay out of the spotlight. Word is, she didn’t want to be seen until she got down to 115 pounds. After a year of being hounded by gossip rags for being overweight, it sounds like the perfect revenge. After all, the Kim is known for being beautiful and having a stunning body – that’s why she became famous in the first place. 

Unfortunately for her Vogue “Baby and Me” cover plans, paparazzi caught her and boyfriend Kanye on a trip to the hospital. Kim was carrying a huge Birkin as a diaper bag. Known for using extremely expensive Hermes totes as beach bags and gym totes, this isn’t out of the ordinary for Kim. It just makes us mere mortals gasp at the excess of it all. Here’s Kim with an oversize Hermes in the past:



Every time someone reminds us that Kylie Jenner is only 15, we’re still a little shocked. The two younger sisters – Kylie and Kendall seemed glued at the hip about a year ago. But then taller, slimmer Kendall flew the coop and decided to become a runway model. Since Kylie’s a couple of inches too short, she decided to become a “personality” instead, like the rest of her family.

The young reality star seems to be following in her sisters’ footsteps, tweeting shockingly revealing and sexualized images of herself in skimpy bikinis. However, it’s possible that her style could evolve to be better than Kendall’s, who wears whatever will make her look skinny or like a VS model. Kylie doesn’t have model legs but she is getting the hang of looking like a celeb, practicing with the Celine bag she was given by her family as a Christmas present this past holiday season.

Calabasas_June_18_2013 Chanel Boy Pre-Fall 2013 Bag

Our favorite part of this outfit is actually not the bag, it’s the shoes. They are the kind of shoes a true shoe addict could salivate over for hours. Normal, non-celeb people wouldn’t have the guts to wear something like these monstrous heels even at a formal event but Khloe seems at ease throwing them on for a froyo outing. That’s a Kardashian for you.

Her Chanel boy bag has previously been spotted on sister Kim, quite a long time ago. Either Khloe takes all Kim’s old bags or these wacky sisters like buying the exact same things. Her torn jeans and ironic Chanel top are really killing the glam factor of her accessories.

Calabasas_June_18_2013 Chanel Boy Pre-Fall 2013 Bag2

Binky Felstead, one of the rich kids from the famed UK reality series Made in Chelsea was spotted boosting her fame status on a red carpet recently. She chose an orange Hermes Birkin to garner paparazzi attention at the event. This handbag style hasn’t gone out of style in decades. While every now and then, its popularity receives a boost, it has never gone “out” of style.

It’s available in so many colors but for some reason, the orange Birkin is like a starter bag for fashionistas trying to get their hands on this trend. Either it’s more affordable or more easily available – there’s got to be a reason why this color is often a girl’s first Birkin instead of the more classic black. It’s possibly the waiting list for this one is shorter. That’s right – the Birkins have a notorious waiting list. After all, actually securing one is just as status-altering as a membership in an exclusive club. 


Kyle Richard's Silver Chanel Flap Bag

Kyle Richards is one of the most well-known Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s the sister of Kathy Hilton, making her the first aunt of Nicky And Paris Hilton. She’s younger than her sister and chooses to spend time partying with her nieces instead, when she’s not busy filming for her wildly popular reality series. Her daughter is also close friends (and cousin) to the Hilton siblings. 

Kyle has often been spotted shopping or walking with her Chanel handbags. One of her favorites is the silver Jumbo Flap Bag. This style is very easy to carry over the shoulder and it’s roomy enough to hold your things. Kyle likes to keep her neutral colored bags for casual outings and opts for the metallic one for wild nights out. 

Her style certainly has changed over the years. Here’s a glimpse into the former child star’s dramatic makeover: 

kyle richards dramatic transformation

Olivia Palermo


Olivia Palermo is a fashion savant. The American beauty speaks like a typical California girl but surpasses every single one of the reality tv show girls from her past in terms of fashion. Her personal style is the epitome of French style. Her fitted pants, masculine shoes, minimal makeup and navy coat all together paint a picture of true chicness. 

While she’s often spotted with new handbags, she’s not the type to get stuck up on a particular brand because its a status symbol or because she’s paid to promote them. It seems like she just carries whatever she fancies and in this case, it was the Fendi mini Peekaboo bag. While the size looks perfect on her, keep in mind that she’s a tiny thing so if you order it, it may not look like a normal sized handbag on you. One of the funniest scenes from her show, The City, was when she went to Japan and all the petite ladies kept telling her how tiny her face is. Luckily, stoic Olivia just takes it in stride. 


Even if you’ve never seen Jersey Shore, there’s hardly even a slim chance you have’t heard of it. The record-breaking reality show changed how MTV operates. Instead of following around spoiled rich white kids, they went after extremely tanned guidos and guidettes who party hard. Anyone who’s seen the the show knows what the cast’s style is like. Flashy, bright and very Jersey. 

All things come to and end and even though the show got canceled, JWoww and Snookie moved on and created a new show of their own. That in addition to their personal product lines and the string of events they get paid to promote has made the pair very wealthy girls. Unfortunately, money can’t buy class and JWoww really needs a stylish. Her outfit is sloppy and the only thing fab about it is the bag, which is no thanks to her. The credit is due to Michael Kors. The brand has been understated in the past but they seem to be targeting a younger audience now with the insanely bright colors and abundance of studs. Pretty neat look if you can pull it off. 

Lisa Vanderpump

If we didn’t see the fancy ladies of the Real Housewives franchise wearing designer labels, who would that leave? The ladies of the show are the epitome of high class fashion. When you see fashion week photos leaking on Instagram and Facebook, keep in mind that people like this are the ones getting a new wardrobe each year. After all, when your job is to look wealthy and fabulous, keeping up is expected. 

Lisa is one of the most famous of the notorious reality TV housewives so you know she’s going to look fabulous at all times. This extremely shiny bag is Dolce and Gabbana (of course) and it’s called the Miss Sicily Sequin bag. It’s absolutely covered in silver sequins and it’s definitely an eye-catching piece. As is her Bentley, a car that’s more expensive than most people’s homes in America. The woman knows how to spend a dime. 



Kourtney is known as one of the lesser pretty sisters of the Kardashian Klan but there’s plenty she’s good at. We’re not sure if it’s a natural talent or if she pays a stylist to help her look this put together, but she looks pretty great. Kourtney was seen bopping around Beverly Hills in an outfit which would have been perfect for a Lindsay Lohan court appearance. 

Jokes aside, she’s carrying the new Celine Trio bag. It’s called that because it’s actually three purse-shaped compartments held together. This conveniently compartmentalized bag makes it easy to store things and from the side, it looks like a cute mini accordian.  

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