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Miley Cyrus Chanel Bag
It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus’s VMA snafu with Robin Thicke. Her hair’s still super short but her style certainly has evolved. Miley rose above her critics and continued to do her thing. Now she aims to look modern and edgy, not just shocking and provocative. That makes her latest red carpet look very different with a giant furry coat and a Chanel Plexiglass clutch in the shape of Chanel parfum bottles. Her beauty look is on point. The platinum blonde hair is set to be one of 2014’s biggest trends. Her makeup and fresh and dewy and the feminine pink lip color looks beautiful. The days of ridicule are over and Miley’s set to be a trendsetter once again.

Nicky Hilton grew up having a TON of money so it’s natural that we expect her to look fashionable all the time. After all, when you’ve been able to wear only the latest fashion your whole life, you tend to develop a certain knack for it. That’s why her outfit is so meticulously coordinated. The black dress with silver stars is reminiscent of a vampy Rainbow Brite.

The bag goes with it perfectly. The rectangular silver clutch is by Edie Parker and it’s called the Flavia Confetti Clutch. The silvery shimmer of the confetti look combined with the silver stars is the most fabulous way to roll into a screening with a ton of movie stars. This bag is also popular with other fashion big names like Man Repeller and Anna Della Russo.

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