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Celebrities favorite Hermes Birkin Bags

Did you know that to claim celebrity status there are several things you must do and several initiation tasks you must complete in order to be credible as A list celeb? One of those tasks is to pass the Hermes gate keeper and bag yourself a Birkin!

Rita Ora
If you’re still not convinced what a huge trend holographic bags are, check out Rita Ora carrying one from the Gucci Resort collection. It’s the exact same one Rihanna carried while wearing a flashy silver top. The lesson here is when you’re wearing white or silver, the Gucci Hologram clutch will look super fab with your outfit. 

The model on the left is carrying the very latest color this particular bag style is now available in. Blake Lively is the only celeb who’s been spotted with this one so far. It will be available to the rest of the public within a few months, just in time for the next fashion season! 

Rita Ora Chanel

Rita Ora isn’t just a British pop star. She’s Cara Delvigne’s best friend, which makes for a quick crossover into the world of fashion. You can’t be out partying with one of the world’s top models without absorbing a taste for fashion through osmosis.

Even when she’s dressed down, her accesories perk her look up. The white pumps are perfect with her white skinnies and the yellow Chanel flap bag adds a bright hue to keep the look from being too pink. It even matches her hair, almost. We’re realy hoping Rita’s taste in style continues to evolve in the same vein, instead of turning into a spectacle of hideousness like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj.

Rita Ora Chanel2

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