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Vanessa Paradis Chanel Clutch
The only thing that hasn’t changed about Vanessa Paradis over the last few years is how slender she is. A few years ago, she was spotted at Paris Fashion Week with long straight hair, looking like a bombshell. Now she doesn’t look like she takes herself too seriously anymore, judging by her relaxed denim jeans look. Vanessa’s hair choice is perplexing as well. The curls look a bit unnatural on her. They say women make drastic hairstyle changes when they’re going through traumatic life changes. Does the fact that her ex-husband Johnny Depp left her for a 20-something Amber Heard is now officially, publicly engaged? Ouch.

 ‘Diorling’ Flap bag

Natalia Vodianova is one of our generation’s most recognizable model faces. The Russian beauty is now retired and married to an tycoon and makes less runway appearances. Instead of being on the catwalk, she watches from the front row. The fashion A lister attended Dior’s Fall 2013 fashion show, held in Moscow’s beautiful and historic Red Square.

Naturally, she wore a new Dior bag to the special event, which was attending by all of Europe’s elite.  The bag is called the Dior ‘Diorling’ Flap bag and it premiered in the Summer of 2013. The leather is soft but thick and fluffy – giving it an air of luxury. Its softness is further enhanced by the pastel interior. The glam factor comes from the pristine white color and gold metal chain.

‘Diorling’ Flap bag

Gucci Dress

Blake Lively

You know a dress is going to be legendary when three big celebs are wearing the same on one the same month and all on front page covers. That’s Blake Lively for Elle China, Sarah Jessica Parker for Harper’s Bazaar and Kate Upton for Elle. You would think that Elle’s branches in other countries would know what the others are up to but apparently not. It’s a little bit of a fashion blunder to put the exact same gown on the cover. The September issue is the biggest of the year and each fashion publication has to work extra hard to stand out from the pack. 

It seems every fashion editor wanted to get their hands on this Gucci creation and you can’t blame them; the dress is gorgeous. There are two versions – one on the golden and on the silvery, blue side. Which is your favorite?



You know you’ve really made it in the fashion world when stoic Karl Lagerfeld lets you hang over him like Cara is in the middle picture. The young model also happens to be fashion’s It girl of the moment. Her cat-like eyes, button nose and devious smirk have something to do with it but it’s her partying lifestyle and quirky antics that really keep her in the headlines.

Most of the time when she’s photographed out and about in London, she looks like a scraggly teenager with a great body. At formal events, she manages to look well put together. Her Chanel Black and White Color Block flap bag is muted and contrasts well with the plum-colored jeans, purple boots and navy jacket. The silver top is a reminder that is a girl who doesn’t like playing it safe yet knows just how to work it anyway.

hilary rhoda


marc jacobs

 Supermodel Hilary Rhoda was spotted at a red carpet event with this Marc Jacobs chain bag. It looks very casual but by tucking away the strap, she made it look like a clutch. The beige color is quite convenient because even though you can tell the bag is upscale, it doesn’t draw attention away from the look. Whether your bag is extremely eye-catching or just really unattractive, either way, it detracts from the look. 
The exact name is the Eugenie Quilted Leather Clutch but it can double as an over the shoulder bag. Marc Jacobs’ brand is known for his modern, simple designs. Unfortunately, he was in the headlines recently because famous model Coco Rocha slammed him for not paying runway models. Apparently, models get paid not with cash but with a few clothing or accessory freebies. Would you be willing to get paid in designer labels? 

Givenchy Lucrezia bag

We’re so happy Amanda Seyfried didn’t turn out like her Mean Girls c0-star Lindsay Lohan. This leading lady has not only been in some of the most successful movies of the last few years, she also has amazing style to accompany her killer looks. Here she was spotted breezing through an airport on one of her many travels. 

She was jet setting to the Paris fashion shows with this Givenchy White and Blue Lucrezia bag. It’s very rare to see it in this stripe form, so this must mean the fashion house loves her enough not just to invite her to the show but to lend her their specially designed goods as well. Lucky girl! 

Kate Moss Handbag

Kate Moss is no longer a runway model (aside from her stunning post-Olympics event run with Naomi Campbell and other greats), but she’s still seen sitting front row at shows and other fashion events. What designer wouldn’t to have her present? She’s a living, walking, talking fashion icon. 

After this 2013 Mulberry show, she was the first one spotted carrying the Mulberry Willow tote overnight. Lesser mortals actually have to wait until the season arrives months later and the bags are stocked by stores. Lana del Rey, seated to her left, also received the honor of a Mulberry bag named after her but we like Kate’s bag better. It has a detachable clutch on the front, which is the coolest thing we’ve seen in bags for a while. It’s like a large front pocket but whenever you want, it can be zipped off and held as a clutch. See the picture of Kate on the left? We initially thought she was carrying two Mulberry bags but that’s just the clutch. Pretty neat.


Kirsten Dunst  Louis Vuitton Leopard

Kirsten Dunst has never been one to follow the crowd in terms of fashion yet she almost always manages to look cool. Maybe it’s because we know how talented she is as an actress that allows her to get away with completely doing her own thing. Here she’s seen wearing a long skirt as a throwback to the 90’s, a navy peacoat and the Louis Vuitton Leopard Speedy bag. 

She’s director Sofia Coppola’s favorite actress and Coppola’s favorite brand is LV. She’s even helped design an entire season for the fashion house. That may be a reason why Kirsten is so often spotted in LV on and off the red carpet. This particular bag’s large leopard spots add a little fun to her otherwise drab outfit. The leopard print is signature “Stephen Sprouse” on canvas. The black leather and silver hardware are the finishing trimmings. It comes in a larger as well as a smaller size. 



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