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15 Hot Celebs Sporting Their Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are some of the most coveted bags out there.They are unique, different and they have an air of status about them.Every celebrity has at least one LV bag, but we are here to uncover the hottest celebs carrying the hottest Louis Vuitton bags. Buckle up and start to read through this list of celebs that are carrying some of the hottest Louis Vuitton bags on the market today!


It is hard to ever picture our favorite sex in the city girl stepping out without the perfect outfit and accessories and really she very rarely does. While she often has the names we are used to in fashion her arm, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and everything else she also has her own line and seems to be stepping out with them on her arm more and more. Who could blame her, the majority of her bags are simply set to stun. Three perfect examples can be shown here for you today. The SJP New Yorker Hobo and the SJP Waverly Crossbody.

Most fashionistas who love them some Gucci, Louis and Fendi have a tendency to scoff at the sight of a Coach bag. There are two reasons for the Coach hate among those who love the finer things. They’re more affordable and thus more often seen being carried by people who lack fashion sense and thus knock the image of the brand. They have looked outdated for a while because of the heavily monogrammed look that went out of style back in the early 2000’s. 

The fact that SJP (a fashion legend) has been spotted with a Coach means the brand is headed for a turn around. Like we predicted months ago, a lot of brands are now favoring a “less is more approach.” It started with the dramatic YSL makeover. Wealthy people don’t want to flaunt their wealth to the general public in this recession but they still want to buy luxury products that are easily recognizable by other wealthy people. That’s why the trend for bags that clearly look like they’re made of luxury leather but lack logos are so in right now. They’re like covert status symbols. This is the Borough Bag and will be in the market within a few months.

Cara Fendi Be Baguette Bag
For the last few weeks, various fashion weeks have been taking place around the world. Whenever this time of year comes around, you can be sure to see models, actors and anyone who’s anyone in the fashion biz dressed to the 9’s. Even Cara Delvigne, who dresses somewhat sloppily on her downtime (overalls, tanks and tennis shoes) made the effort to look like a lady. She looked downright glam with this Fendi Be Baguette. 

The original Fendi Baguette was made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie on Sex And The City in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The original version was smaller and slimmer as well. The updated version is more in sync with current trends. The solid, symmetrical shape and bold color are just right for 2013.  

Gucci Dress

Blake Lively

You know a dress is going to be legendary when three big celebs are wearing the same on one the same month and all on front page covers. That’s Blake Lively for Elle China, Sarah Jessica Parker for Harper’s Bazaar and Kate Upton for Elle. You would think that Elle’s branches in other countries would know what the others are up to but apparently not. It’s a little bit of a fashion blunder to put the exact same gown on the cover. The September issue is the biggest of the year and each fashion publication has to work extra hard to stand out from the pack. 

It seems every fashion editor wanted to get their hands on this Gucci creation and you can’t blame them; the dress is gorgeous. There are two versions – one on the golden and on the silvery, blue side. Which is your favorite?


Sarah Jessica Parker Carries Chanel again on the set of Sex and the City

Once again, a Sex and the City character carrying the same bag we’ve already seen her carry earlier. I remember hearing that there aren’t as many wardrobe changes during this movie as much as the first one. In part, this has to do with the current state of the economy, but I am sure that there will be a plethora of amazing looks to check out.

Here, Sarah Jessica Parker is pictured walking the set of Sex and the City with a plaid shirt and cute pair of jeans, killer Brian Atwood Loca purple heels and a Chanel Canvas Tote. The shoes make this outfit. Everything else is so casual and the studded heels pop.

Sarah Jessica Parker carries creamy Givenchy

Sure, she doesn’t look great, but why go to the effort of doing your hair and makeup if they’re going to immediately redo it as soon as you get to work? At least she chose a great bag: the Givenchy Sacca Tote has long been one of my favorites, and Givenchy has been extremely popular recently with fashionistas in the know. It’s one of those brands that’s only recognizable to other fashion people, and sometimes that’s exactly what you want. If you’re a snob.


If the rumors are true, the second “Sex and the City” film should start production this summer – which means SJP’s dark locks are on a death watch. Thank God. Though I typically love Sarah Jessica’s style, and you know I worship Chanel, this look falls a little flat for me. The tuxedo jacket is too boxy and oversized, the mega-dose of black screams “I couldn’t be bothered,” and the neon pink heels are a little too late. Oh, and Matthew: please stop dressing like Orville Redenbacher.

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