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If  contemporary fashion trends a la Kardashian aren’t your style, follow one of this generation’s rock icons instead. We don’t see very many Dolce & Gabbana bags being showcased in street style but Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine makes a good case of how it’s done. She pieced together a look comprising of a flowing, floral print dress, retro chunky heels in maroon and this snakeskin Dolce bag. It’s called the Miss Sicily bag (Dolce is an Italian brand and Sicily is a beautiful city in the gorgeous country) and it’s python print. Couldn’t get more rock n roll if it tried.


It’s an unwritten rule that every celebrity needs to be spotted regularly at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California. That’s where Julianne Hough was seen with this super cute Chloe bag from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The cream-colored perfectly complemented the darker hues of her outfit, which were blacks and army green. The pristine white bag is actually the Chloe Sally Python bag. The snakeskin leather keeps it looking edgy even though the color is so preppy and sophisticated. It has a chain handle on the shoulder strap. The frame and hardware are golden. If you’re not into reptile prints, you can also get it in Calfskin and Ayers.


Kirstie Alley

We all remember when Kirstie Alley fell off of the bandwagon and gained a lot of weight. This is when she became “Fat Actress”. However, in the picture above Kirstie Alley looks very well put together. Her hair looks fabulous. Her outfit is sleek, edgy, and matches– but not too much! We absolutely love how her bag pulls the whole outfit together.

The bag Kirstie is toting aroung NYC, is the Celine Luggage Tote. What makes this Celine so different is that the front of the bag is blue snakeskin instead of leather. The blue, cream, and black colors of the bag make it very glamorous, edgy, and unique. The bag retails for around $2,700.

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