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Celebrities favorite Hermes Birkin Bags

Did you know that to claim celebrity status there are several things you must do and several initiation tasks you must complete in order to be credible as A list celeb? One of those tasks is to pass the Hermes gate keeper and bag yourself a Birkin!


Sofia Vergara is at an all time high. She’s become the most recognized cast member of Modern Family and she’s beloved by the fashion world as well. It makes sense because she’s a former model from her Colombia days. These days, she likes flaunting her wardrobe in street style rather than on the ramp.

She even says her handbag collection is a form of “investment” because of how much money she spends on it. This Givenchy Antigona is a new addition because this color is from the Fall 2013/2014 Givenchy collection. The muted hue will allow Sofia to pair it with all kinds of outfits so we’ll be seeing a lot more of it soon. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag

Remember back in the early 2000’s when if you had any money at all, you’d have to travel with Louis Vuitton? Or at least that’s what the celebs did. The A listers of the day couldn’t get enough. Paris Hilton seemed to light the match on the trend and before you knew it, Jessica Simpson turned into a hardcore Louis Vuitton collector. Because the bags are considerably less expensive than Hermes Birkins, the trend became wildly popular. It’s been MIA for about a decade so this could mean the classic style is set to make a comeback. As they say, fashion trends are cyclical. This one is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag, which comes in three different sizes.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag

Sofia Vergara's Balenciaga Bordeaux Holiday Hamilton City Bag

Sofia Vergara was seen leaving salon in Los Angreles wearing an electric blue top teamed with black leggings and black leather tall boots.

The “Modern Family” beauty also carried a stunning Holiday Hamilton City bag in Bordeaux with Gold Giant Hardware.

In related news, Miss Vergara is featured in a brand new ad for Diet Pepsi which will premiere this Sunday, January 15 during the Golden Globe Awards.

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Sofia Vergara & Her Chanel Shopper

Looking stunning as usual, Sofia Vergara heads out for the day after getting her nails done at a Beverly Hills salon. Sporting leggings, flip flops and an off-the-shoulder top that would make Jennifer Beals proud, she balances it all out with a large Chanel Shopper, easily one of the chicest of all chic bags. Fabulous!

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