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Even if you’ve never seen Jersey Shore, there’s hardly even a slim chance you have’t heard of it. The record-breaking reality show changed how MTV operates. Instead of following around spoiled rich white kids, they went after extremely tanned guidos and guidettes who party hard. Anyone who’s seen the the show knows what the cast’s style is like. Flashy, bright and very Jersey. 

All things come to and end and even though the show got canceled, JWoww and Snookie moved on and created a new show of their own. That in addition to their personal product lines and the string of events they get paid to promote has made the pair very wealthy girls. Unfortunately, money can’t buy class and JWoww really needs a stylish. Her outfit is sloppy and the only thing fab about it is the bag, which is no thanks to her. The credit is due to Michael Kors. The brand has been understated in the past but they seem to be targeting a younger audience now with the insanely bright colors and abundance of studs. Pretty neat look if you can pull it off. 

Valentino Rockstud Dome Satchel
It’s been a while since we saw a lady as lovely as Cheryl Burke carrying such a fantastic red handbag. Usually, it’s just Kim or Khloe Kardashian carrying yet another a Chanel or red Birkin. This fiery red Valentino even comes with studs lining it and giving it structure. If you’re looking for a perfect red designer bag to splurge on, let your wallet guide you in the direction of Valentino. The color red exudes confidence and a willingness to be lively and full of love. Even though Valentine’s day is gone, you can still rock this bag!

Givenchy Mini Pandora Bag
Glee star Lea Michelle started out as any other starlet but her ever-evolving style keeps getting better and better. Some budding stars stick to the same old look and quickly get tiring but Lea keeps mixing it up. Not sure if she has a stylist but if she put together this outfit by herself, she’s pretty talented when it comes to effortless fashion. The different shades of grey with black accents and red lipstick is very chic. 

The bag she’s carrying is the mini Pandora Givenchy. This bag is anything but flashy and its small size lets it look fab without being one of those bags which scream for attention, taking away from the rest of the outfit. The lambskin comes in a softly distressed texture and a gold Givenchy logo adorns the front cover. Here’s Kate Beckinsale carrying it in a larger size:


Khloe Kardashian Celine

Just a couple of months ago, Kim Kardashian was spotted with this exact Celine tote. Previously, we always wondered how this crazy family manages to stay up to their necks in stylish designer handbags. To have that many on a rotating basis, wouldn’t it become a full time job to keep track? Now it’s a little more clear. With so many women in the house, sharing and switching up accessories makes everyone look like their wardrobes are infinitely expansive. Between one fashion-loving mom and five sisters, that’s a lot of bags to borrow and share.

This is the Celine Olive Suede Phantom bag and it’s perfect for her muted gray outfit in Miami. Even in one of America’s sunniest cities, the weather gets a little dull and grizzly and you have to coordinate your outfits to match the mood. However, this bag keeps it classy with it’s rich, beautiful green color. We don’t love Khloe’s drab pants but those shoes are killin’ it. 

If you were running to catch a flight in one of the most celeb-infested airports of the world, a person trying to hide their face with a big hat and sunglasses is the first one you’d suspect is famous, right? This look at me, don’t look at me vibe which celebrities follow is quite intriguing. 

Even with seemingly makeup free face, Eva Longoria is instantly recognizable. After many seasons on Desperate Housewives, we’d know that pint-sized fashionista anywhere. Being a Hollywood celeb, her idea of “casual wear” is out idea of dressed up. The bag she’s carrying is the Celine Bicolored Vertical Cabas Bag. 

Celine’s small and chic shoulder bags were the first to appear all over the fashion scene, then the Phantom totes. This one isn’t as popular yet, making it a more unique option for those who love to have an item or fashion accessory which everyone else doesn’t already. The salmon and orange color blocking against a white outfit and camel colored accessories really make it pop out and look fresh. The tote shape of the bag make it perfect for carrying for travel, for long day excursion or relaxing at the beach. Would you carry this bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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