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Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is used to the constant flurry of activity that follows her wherever she goes in New York with daughter Suri. That’s just a price of fame when you have an incredibly high profile romance, marriage and divorce with a decades-long celebrity like Tom Cruise. For her to spend time in Los Angeles must be a hellish experience because for most famous people, New York gives them a chance for respite. If you’re getting hounded  by the paps in NYC, you’re going to get hounded 100X worse in L.A.

So it makes sense that Katie flew down to Miami for a break with her daughter in tow. Although Miami is warm even in the summer, Katie looks slightly cold with blue lips by the pool in her hot pink bikini. What looks super fab next to her is her Valentino tote. That’s one of the perks of being rich and famous. You may not get any privacy but at least you have so much money that using a bag worth thousands of dollars as a beach tote feels normal.

Alexander Wang Bag
Remember the studded Alexander Wang bag? If you haven’t got one yet because you thought it would fade away like  fad, it’s not too late. That’s what so great about It bags. The top five bags that have had a huge celebrity following aren’t going to fall out of favor any time soon. Bags like the Birkin, Chanel flap bag, Celine Luggage, Proenza Schouler Satchel and Alexander Wang bag are all carefully designed to have both glamorous looks and high utility. That means they can be used anytime, anywhere, with any kind of outfit and the high quality design keeps them from looking used or falling apart. This studded satchel in particular is owned by almost every celeb on the planet. Here, Nicky carries the gray one but the black is infinitely popular as well. 


Even if you’ve never seen Jersey Shore, there’s hardly even a slim chance you have’t heard of it. The record-breaking reality show changed how MTV operates. Instead of following around spoiled rich white kids, they went after extremely tanned guidos and guidettes who party hard. Anyone who’s seen the the show knows what the cast’s style is like. Flashy, bright and very Jersey. 

All things come to and end and even though the show got canceled, JWoww and Snookie moved on and created a new show of their own. That in addition to their personal product lines and the string of events they get paid to promote has made the pair very wealthy girls. Unfortunately, money can’t buy class and JWoww really needs a stylish. Her outfit is sloppy and the only thing fab about it is the bag, which is no thanks to her. The credit is due to Michael Kors. The brand has been understated in the past but they seem to be targeting a younger audience now with the insanely bright colors and abundance of studs. Pretty neat look if you can pull it off. 

Valentino Va Va Voom bag


Wow. This is the first word that came to mind upon viewing Eva Mendes in these photos. It’s so fitting that her handbag is called the Valentino Va Va Voom bag. The red print of the dress goes with the Valentino theme (the designer is obsessed with red) and the Va Va Voom rings more true for her outfit and overall look than the bag itself. 

The bag actually tones down her crazy red hot look. The simple chain and rectangular shape keeps her looking classy. The studs just keep it from being too simple and boring. Ryan Gosling is one lucky guy. His leading lady is utter perfection. That face! That outfit on that bod! Wow, Eva. Keep it up. 

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