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Miranda Kerr

 This weekend, Miranda Kerr opened the show for Stella McCartney during Paris Fashion Week. The model was the face of the designer’s spring/summer 14 collection. To get even more involved, Miranda carried a structured bag from the the autumn winter 13 collection outside of the show as well. No doubt the bag was a gift from Stella, who also happens to be the daughter of Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

Stella is famous for her modern English style. Structured outfits, solid colors, no fuss and very sophisticated glamour. She is also an animal rights advocate and the bag is made of faux leather. That may be why it looks so sturdy and not at all soft.

Miranda Kerr


Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift

As the whole world knows, the VMAs just came to pass and red carpet style is just one of the things making headlines. Selena Gomez looks pretty reserved except for the fact that it looks like her dress is falling off to reveal racy lingerie underneath. Taylor Swift was going for the Marilyn Monroe look, only if Marilyn had zero curves and a very visible ribcage. And Miley shocked the entire world not just with her garish jewel-encrusted pantsuit but with her outrageously trashy dance routine. Meanwhile, over in England, singers like Adele stun entire awards show audiences with the music itself. 

Cameron Diaz's Chanel Cerf Tote
Cameron Diaz has been a pretty busy lady lately. For those of you wondering why you haven’t seen her in a film, it’s because she’s been busy creating and being a part of her newest flick “The Other Woman.” The cast is huge and even includes funny lady Leslie Mann and newcomer celebumodel Kate Upton. To get a break from filming, Cameron jetted off on a luxury holiday with pal Gwyneth Paltrow. On the flight back to New York, she was spotted with the Chanel Cerf bag in beige. This bag is a celeb fave. Lady Gaga’s been spotted with a black one and reality star Kyle Richardson has one in the same color as Cameron. 

Givenchy Antigona Tote
It’s really hard to believe that when we get candid paparazzi shots of Olivia Palermo, it’s just her being herself and walking about dressed the way she normally does. That’s right ladies, this is her casual style, not her full-glam for a photoshoot style. What do you pair your incredibly edgy leather pants while keeping the overall look all one theme? 

The only logical answer is a luxurious crocodile leather tote by no brand lesser than Givenchy. This is the Givenchy Antigona Tote in black croc leather. The soft, gray sweater adds a cozy touch to the otherwise intense outfit and the pink floral pumps add a warm feminine accent. This is definitely one of the best ways to carry this well-structured luxury handbag.  

Kate Hudson's Chanel Bag

Kate Hudson, one of Hollywood’s elite, just can’t get enough of her black Jumbo Flap Chanel bag. This A-lister has won the hearts of millions all over America with her movies like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Bridesmaids, and Almost Famous. She’s been in the public eye her whole life because of her mom, Goldie Hawn. But, despite always being scrutinized for every step she takes,Hudson has managed to have a great public image. Her style off the red carpet is casual, chic and simple.

Looking at Kate Hudson’s picture above, you can see she’s a fan of simplicity. This is precisely what makes her so beautiful. Even without fifty layers of makeup and hair product, and a five thousand dollar dress, Hudson never fails to impress! One bag that we’ve seen her with multiple times is her Jumbo Flap Chanel Bag. This bag, larger than the standard Chanel bag, is elegant and chic. It goes with your everyday look, and with your party attire. Pair this bag with just about anything and you’re good to go!

Olivia Palermo & Miss Dior Sapphire Blue Suede Clutch

Spotted with gorgeous boyfriend in tow at the Django Unchained premiere, Oliva Palermo reminded the world why she’s become such an instantly recognizable fashion icon. In addition to her lithe, petite as can be frame and Audrey Hepburn-like face, the girl pulls off glamorous looks without looking like she’s trying too hard. That’s a very fine balance when you’re also trying on adventurous coats like this one. 

The clutch in question is from the Miss Dior fall 2012 collection and it isn’t the first time Olivia has been spotted at a formal event with it. It has the quilted classic Dior look on bottom and a festive crystal embellishment on top. The clasp has a small but noticeable Dior logo. This is the perfect bag for an event like this. While it’s also available in black, the blue velvet look is far more striking. 


Oliva Palermo And Boyfriend

the Givenchy Croc Embossed Antigona bag

Olivia Palermo was spotted with this gorgeous croc leather Givenchy Antigonia bag. While it’s been spotted on the arm of a fashionista or two or more, this fashion icon knows how to carry it best. Down to the metallic buttons on her jacket, her accessories and outfit look like they were made to complement the bag. 

Everyone knows croc leather is one, if not the most luxurious types of bag materials so the first impression the bag makes is: wow, that girls owns some stylish, expensive stuff. The second impression it gives the onlooker is that the lady with the bag has a classic style because of the old-school Hollywood glam look of the bag. The top handles make it easy to clutch while looking trendy as ever.

J LO bag

A while ago, we blogged about the new Chanel flap bags just when they were hot off the runway. The cool thing about the flap bag update is the heavy, rock n roll chain. Chain bags are in now more than ever and skinny chains just weren’t cutting it anymore. So it makes so much sense that Chanel upgraded the chains to a more impressive version. 

The metal work on these bags has become something of an accessory on itself. It’s like the jewelry on the bag and it looks very pretty when complementing an outfit. Don’t have time to throw on a necklace? Your Chanel handbag chain will look just as pretty draped across your shoulder. Jennifer doesn’t stop there though. Her chic hair, sleek outfit and adorable baby complete her flawless look. Yes, cute babies can also be fashion accessories. It’s like reminding the world you have great DNA. 

Khloe Kardashian Celine

Just a couple of months ago, Kim Kardashian was spotted with this exact Celine tote. Previously, we always wondered how this crazy family manages to stay up to their necks in stylish designer handbags. To have that many on a rotating basis, wouldn’t it become a full time job to keep track? Now it’s a little more clear. With so many women in the house, sharing and switching up accessories makes everyone look like their wardrobes are infinitely expansive. Between one fashion-loving mom and five sisters, that’s a lot of bags to borrow and share.

This is the Celine Olive Suede Phantom bag and it’s perfect for her muted gray outfit in Miami. Even in one of America’s sunniest cities, the weather gets a little dull and grizzly and you have to coordinate your outfits to match the mood. However, this bag keeps it classy with it’s rich, beautiful green color. We don’t love Khloe’s drab pants but those shoes are killin’ it. 

Rosie Huntington Whitely

One of the best things about being a supermodel is the ability to look good even if you just rolled out of bed with messy hair, are dressed in a white tank and nondescript yoga pants. And if you actually make even the smallest ounce of effort to look good by blow drying your hair, picking out a cute outfit and carrying a designer bag, you look like you’re walking around in a 3-D version of Vogue. Lucky Rosie. The girl is flawless.

This is the Givenchy Stamped Croc Nightingale bag.  The suede motorcycle jacket she paired it with goes great with the short booties and skinny jeans.  This is actually the smallest size available in this style, so if you’re a “I love carrying my life in my bag” kind of girl, you can get a larger version that looks just as great. This Nightingale  bag has been around for a while but this newer brushed suede version comes with stamped croc exterior.


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