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Khloe Kardashian Celine

Just a couple of months ago, Kim Kardashian was spotted with this exact Celine tote. Previously, we always wondered how this crazy family manages to stay up to their necks in stylish designer handbags. To have that many on a rotating basis, wouldn’t it become a full time job to keep track? Now it’s a little more clear. With so many women in the house, sharing and switching up accessories makes everyone look like their wardrobes are infinitely expansive. Between one fashion-loving mom and five sisters, that’s a lot of bags to borrow and share.

This is the Celine Olive Suede Phantom bag and it’s perfect for her muted gray outfit in Miami. Even in one of America’s sunniest cities, the weather gets a little dull and grizzly and you have to coordinate your outfits to match the mood. However, this bag keeps it classy with it’s rich, beautiful green color. We don’t love Khloe’s drab pants but those shoes are killin’ it. 

We never tire of seeing Victoria’s Secret models out and about in the world just because they show us what physical perfection combined with effortless style can look like. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re even real when they’re on stage, but when they’re snapped in casual outfits, we can believe they’re naturally attractive women who just work really, really hard on their fitness. 

Luckily, we have pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, one of the more seasoned VS models now that there are so many new faces in the brand, shopping in NY soon after the show. She seems so relaxed carrying this very stylish bag with sleek lines and clean cuts. That and the color blocking means one thing – it’s easily recognizable as a Celine bag!

Sure enough, it’s the Celine Trapeze bag. The one pictures here has white wings, a black suede flap and a khaki bottom. The colors complement her outfit perfectly and even make her hair highlights stand out stand out. The woman has got it goin’ on from head to toe.

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