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Lucy Hale Chanel CC Crown Tote Bag

Lucy Hale is one of Hollywood’s rising stars. Her wildly popular TV series Pretty Little Liars was in instant hit back in 2013 among pre-teens, teens and up. There are plenty of 20 and 30-somethings who are unashamed about their PLL addiction. The castmembers are all known for their good looks and ridiculously high street high school fashion. 

Outside of the small screen, Lucy has pretty great taste. It’s clear that she’s no 16 year old as the show would like you to believe. She’s a polished young 20-something, as is clear from her street style. We love her casual style and relaxed appearance at LAX airport. Her Chanel CC Cerf bag is super cute. Just the right size for an air travel carry on. Traveling luggage can get pretty drab and a good way to avoid that is to make sure it’s something Coco Chanel would approve of!


Even if you’ve never seen Jersey Shore, there’s hardly even a slim chance you have’t heard of it. The record-breaking reality show changed how MTV operates. Instead of following around spoiled rich white kids, they went after extremely tanned guidos and guidettes who party hard. Anyone who’s seen the the show knows what the cast’s style is like. Flashy, bright and very Jersey. 

All things come to and end and even though the show got canceled, JWoww and Snookie moved on and created a new show of their own. That in addition to their personal product lines and the string of events they get paid to promote has made the pair very wealthy girls. Unfortunately, money can’t buy class and JWoww really needs a stylish. Her outfit is sloppy and the only thing fab about it is the bag, which is no thanks to her. The credit is due to Michael Kors. The brand has been understated in the past but they seem to be targeting a younger audience now with the insanely bright colors and abundance of studs. Pretty neat look if you can pull it off. 


Elizabeth Olsen arrived at de Gaulle airport in Paris recently wearing an adorably Parisian style ensemble. Her chic understated style is a refreshing turn away from the more casual yet ostentatious personal style of most Hollywood actresses. No visible logo or behemoth of a bag in sight.

She’s carrying the Chanel Large Quilted Tote. How fitting, since the brand has its origins in the city of love. This is actually the first post we’re doing on a celeb carrying this particular bag and it’s a good thing it was Lizzie because we don’t think anyone could have carried it better. The design and style of this bag scream high end taste.  

Maria Sharapova was spotted over the holidays carrying the Chloe Alice Tote bag


Maria Sharapova was spotted in Brisbane airport with this beautiful Chloe bag. Called the Python Alice bag in Blush and black, it’s the perfect combo of feminine dusty rose contrasted with a strong black hue. The fresh, solid color is a breath of fresh air from the normal hot pink-black combos, which have been an eyesore. 

Known for more than just being a beautiful Russian tennis star, Maria has dated pop stars and has been a fashion world darling for many years now. Her incredibly tall, slim and athletic body looks fabulous in expensive clothes. Even when she’s in casual flats and slacks, she looks great because she’s naturally stunning and because her Chloe bag is a treat for eyes that love fashion. The design in the front is also spot on with the color blocking trend. 

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Speaking of, here are some pictures of Victoria’s Secret angel and wife of Kings of Leon rockstar Lily Aldridge. Pretty Lilly is carrying a Celine tote. If her leather leggings, black heels and bright yellow top weren’t hot enough, Lily added the gorgeous tote to take the look to supermodella levels. This is the Celine Black Croc Phantom Bag to be exact. |

Lily Aldridge 

Khloe Kardashian Celine

Just a couple of months ago, Kim Kardashian was spotted with this exact Celine tote. Previously, we always wondered how this crazy family manages to stay up to their necks in stylish designer handbags. To have that many on a rotating basis, wouldn’t it become a full time job to keep track? Now it’s a little more clear. With so many women in the house, sharing and switching up accessories makes everyone look like their wardrobes are infinitely expansive. Between one fashion-loving mom and five sisters, that’s a lot of bags to borrow and share.

This is the Celine Olive Suede Phantom bag and it’s perfect for her muted gray outfit in Miami. Even in one of America’s sunniest cities, the weather gets a little dull and grizzly and you have to coordinate your outfits to match the mood. However, this bag keeps it classy with it’s rich, beautiful green color. We don’t love Khloe’s drab pants but those shoes are killin’ it. 

Blake Lively Chanel

As many of you already know, Blake Lively has been Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and a Chanel’s spokesperson for a few years now. There are models who promote the brand and then there are celebrity actresses and famous royals who are invited to act as brand ambassadors. So that explains why you’ll most often see her carrying a Chanel bag above all others. 

She was recently spotted carrying this Chanel bag at an airport after a romantic excursion with husband Ryan Reynolds. This bag is a little different in texture from other Chanel quilted bags as you’ll see the bubbles are a little more pronounced. It’s called the Chanel Bubble Quilted Flap Bag in burgundy. She’s has this bag for a while now and from the looks of it, she loves accessorizing with her outfits quite frequently. 

Just a few days after THAT unforgettable Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Miranda Kerr has been spotted with the Givenchy Antigonia bag. If the name is anything to go by, it sounds like it’s a handbag made for Greek goddesses and Miranda is hardly short of being one. 

By now, the lady has established herself to be one of the top five world’s current supermodels and her cross-over to Hollywood is complete since she’s married to famed actor Orlando Bloom. While it’s no surprise that she’s naturally stylish, she never ceases to stun us with her impeccable taste. 

Her look is all at once effortless and immaculate. The knee-high boots complement the leather bag perfectly. The asymmetrical tote has two top handles for carrying as she does her but it also comes with a detachable strap for when you want to go for a more casual, traveling look. The triangular patch of leather at the two straps has Givenchy metalwork on it, for those who do like a subtly, trendy logo on a bag to make it stand out. 

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