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Kim K & Her Balenciaga Suede City bag

Kim Kardashian doesn’t always hit the right notes with her outfits, but we just adore this particular one. For once she is covered up, excluding the fact that she’s practically spilling out of her shirt, and she has kept it simple. This ensemble is perfect for travelling, which is what this Kardashian was doing when she was spotted at the airport. We’d choose comfy shoes over heels, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen Kim K without her stilettos.

However, we cannot take our eyes off of Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous bag. This Balenciaga bag, made out of the best quality suede, retails for approximately $1,500. The bag is big in size, and style, so it is fashionable and functional. It is perfect for day to day tasks, running errands, and traveling.

Pretty girl and brilliant Hollywood actress Mila Kunis was spotted jet setting through LAX lately with a Chanel Mademoiselle Maxi bag. After a brief stint as a Dior cover girl, the stunner is free of her contract and can now sport any label she chooses. So it’s no wonder she picked this sleek carry-all bag.

This Chanel handbag allows  even an A-list celeb to dress down in their oldest jeans and a bargain top from Old Navy and still manage to look chic. Carrying a style statement like this detracts from the rest of the outfit. It’s like saying “Hey, I didn’t need to make an effort to dress up head to toe. I still have style. See me rock this bag!”

Anyhoo, it’s all too clear that a girl like Mila doesn’t need to worry about reminding people she has style but it never hurts. It especially doesn’t hurt to carry a piece that looks good and still manages to carry all your airport things – hairbrush, face lotion for dealing with intensely dry airplane air, an iPad, maybe even a small dog! What are you more jealous of – Mila’s current squeeze (Ashton Kutcher) or this stylish black Chanel bag?

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