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Here she is once again, Tamara Ecclestone, owner of just about every handbag in the universe. Born rich, the pretty girl was given access to her trust fund from an early age so all she has to do in life is enjoy her money. This is why whenever we see her, she’s either sitting on a billion dollar yacht, out shopping or wearing the things she was previously spotted buying. 

Owner of a legendary Birkin collection, she also has no shortage of Celine bags in her name. While the Kardashians also have plenty, they’re basic girls who go for basic colors. This however, is a tad different. Tamara’s the first to be spotted with this variation. It’s the Orange Python Phantom bag and it appeared for the first time this summer. Hot off the assembly line, the girl had to have it. 

Ashley Greene Chanel Bag

Ashley Greene plays Alice Cullen in one of the most popular movies of the past decade – Twilight. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this sophisticated young lady is in the same film as Kristen Stewart. Ashley seems so comfortable slipping into chic ensembles – as if she was born to be glamorous.

Here she is, toting the newest bag from Chanel, the Chanel CC Crown Tote bag. Available in white, black and gold, she carries a classic black version which can be used again and again without going out of style or looking worn out. The thick brassy chain is part of the new trend of visible, edgy hardware.  The sturdy base is what makes it look truly luxe instead of a mass produced bag. The CC logo makes us want one too!

We never tire of seeing Victoria’s Secret models out and about in the world just because they show us what physical perfection combined with effortless style can look like. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re even real when they’re on stage, but when they’re snapped in casual outfits, we can believe they’re naturally attractive women who just work really, really hard on their fitness. 

Luckily, we have pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, one of the more seasoned VS models now that there are so many new faces in the brand, shopping in NY soon after the show. She seems so relaxed carrying this very stylish bag with sleek lines and clean cuts. That and the color blocking means one thing – it’s easily recognizable as a Celine bag!

Sure enough, it’s the Celine Trapeze bag. The one pictures here has white wings, a black suede flap and a khaki bottom. The colors complement her outfit perfectly and even make her hair highlights stand out stand out. The woman has got it goin’ on from head to toe.

Just a few days after THAT unforgettable Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Miranda Kerr has been spotted with the Givenchy Antigonia bag. If the name is anything to go by, it sounds like it’s a handbag made for Greek goddesses and Miranda is hardly short of being one. 

By now, the lady has established herself to be one of the top five world’s current supermodels and her cross-over to Hollywood is complete since she’s married to famed actor Orlando Bloom. While it’s no surprise that she’s naturally stylish, she never ceases to stun us with her impeccable taste. 

Her look is all at once effortless and immaculate. The knee-high boots complement the leather bag perfectly. The asymmetrical tote has two top handles for carrying as she does her but it also comes with a detachable strap for when you want to go for a more casual, traveling look. The triangular patch of leather at the two straps has Givenchy metalwork on it, for those who do like a subtly, trendy logo on a bag to make it stand out. 

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