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The beautiful Vanessa Paradis has been seen out and about with one of the 2015 spring collection beauties the Chanel Girl Bag. If you want to watch celebrities show off their best new bags one of the best places to do it these days

Vanessa Paradis Chanel Clutch
The only thing that hasn’t changed about Vanessa Paradis over the last few years is how slender she is. A few years ago, she was spotted at Paris Fashion Week with long straight hair, looking like a bombshell. Now she doesn’t look like she takes herself too seriously anymore, judging by her relaxed denim jeans look. Vanessa’s hair choice is perplexing as well. The curls look a bit unnatural on her. They say women make drastic hairstyle changes when they’re going through traumatic life changes. Does the fact that her ex-husband Johnny Depp left her for a 20-something Amber Heard is now officially, publicly engaged? Ouch.

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