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Miley Cyrus Chanel Bag
It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus’s VMA snafu with Robin Thicke. Her hair’s still super short but her style certainly has evolved. Miley rose above her critics and continued to do her thing. Now she aims to look modern and edgy, not just shocking and provocative. That makes her latest red carpet look very different with a giant furry coat and a Chanel Plexiglass clutch in the shape of Chanel parfum bottles. Her beauty look is on point. The platinum blonde hair is set to be one of 2014’s biggest trends. Her makeup and fresh and dewy and the feminine pink lip color looks beautiful. The days of ridicule are over and Miley’s set to be a trendsetter once again.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus didn’t let on at first that the negative reviews of her VMA performance were getting to her. In fact, it seemed like she didn’t even realize people hated it, tweeting only rave reviews by people saying she was the only one who “got it” and that her raunchy dance with Robin Thicke provoked more tweets than the Super Bowl. Now she’s saying in an interview that she is a messed up person with issues, which is why she acted so erratically. So is she embarrassed now? It would be superhuman of her not to be, since many celebrities also publically bashed her and her lewd and suggestive dancing. So awkward for the former Disney star as well as the audience subjected to that jaw-dropping display of “twerking.”

Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift

As the whole world knows, the VMAs just came to pass and red carpet style is just one of the things making headlines. Selena Gomez looks pretty reserved except for the fact that it looks like her dress is falling off to reveal racy lingerie underneath. Taylor Swift was going for the Marilyn Monroe look, only if Marilyn had zero curves and a very visible ribcage. And Miley shocked the entire world not just with her garish jewel-encrusted pantsuit but with her outrageously trashy dance routine. Meanwhile, over in England, singers like Adele stun entire awards show audiences with the music itself. 

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