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Earlier this month, Vogue editor Anna Wintour canceled the Miley Cyrus cover shoot. Recently, another former Disney celeb was spotted leaving  meeting with the queen of cool. Could this mean Selena is vying for her own Vogue cover? Selena is cute but her baby face just isn’t Vogue material – yet. In a couple of years when her cheekbones come out and she has more well-known music hits or movies in the pipeline, she might be the perfect cover girl. 

The bag she was carrying was the Versace Medusa bag.  Being an Italian brand, Versace is known for the Roman-influenced art in their designs. The figurehead on the top of the bag is supposed to be from Greek/Roman mythology. Medusa was known for her magical powers and unruly mane of snakes. Medusa is actually Versace’s brand icon and it makes the piece instantly recognizable as a part of the label. 

Gucci Dress

Blake Lively

You know a dress is going to be legendary when three big celebs are wearing the same on one the same month and all on front page covers. That’s Blake Lively for Elle China, Sarah Jessica Parker for Harper’s Bazaar and Kate Upton for Elle. You would think that Elle’s branches in other countries would know what the others are up to but apparently not. It’s a little bit of a fashion blunder to put the exact same gown on the cover. The September issue is the biggest of the year and each fashion publication has to work extra hard to stand out from the pack. 

It seems every fashion editor wanted to get their hands on this Gucci creation and you can’t blame them; the dress is gorgeous. There are two versions – one on the golden and on the silvery, blue side. Which is your favorite?


Kate Hudson's Chanel Bag

Kate Hudson, one of Hollywood’s elite, just can’t get enough of her black Jumbo Flap Chanel bag. This A-lister has won the hearts of millions all over America with her movies like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Bridesmaids, and Almost Famous. She’s been in the public eye her whole life because of her mom, Goldie Hawn. But, despite always being scrutinized for every step she takes,Hudson has managed to have a great public image. Her style off the red carpet is casual, chic and simple.

Looking at Kate Hudson’s picture above, you can see she’s a fan of simplicity. This is precisely what makes her so beautiful. Even without fifty layers of makeup and hair product, and a five thousand dollar dress, Hudson never fails to impress! One bag that we’ve seen her with multiple times is her Jumbo Flap Chanel Bag. This bag, larger than the standard Chanel bag, is elegant and chic. It goes with your everyday look, and with your party attire. Pair this bag with just about anything and you’re good to go!

Kate Upton CR Magazine Cover

Not long after the infamous Sport Illustrated cover this year, Kate Upton shot to fame. Now America’s number one talked about super model, Kate Upton has scored a spot for herself not only in men’s magazines but in high fashion as well. Whether some in the fashion world like it or not, she’s here to stay and her arrival means two things – that traditional beauty is making a comeback over quirky, edgy looks and that curves are back in. 

Kate Upton Celine Crocodile Bag

The down to earth girl and Marilyn Monroe reincarnate was spotted carrying a fancy Celine tote as she arrived in NYC.  It’s the Celine Royal Blue Crocodile mini Luggage bag to be exact. Although the leather versions of this bag can be bought for several grand, this croc edition costs upwards of 30,000 dollars. Is this her way of announcing her success to the world? It sure worked.

Celine Royal Blue Crocodile


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen named most stylish Land First Vogue Cover Ever

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen have been named the most stylish sisters by Vogue and they will be on the cover of the special Best Dressed issue! Strangely enough, Mary-Kate and Ashley have never been on the cover of Vogue, so it’s about time!

The twins beat out other celebrity sisters like: Dakota and Elle Fanning, Kate and Pippa Middleton, Beyonce and Solange Knowles, and Rooney and Kate Mara. We think they deserved to win! While they’ve always been famous, they gained notice for their boho-chic style back in 2004, “We were called eccentric and eclectic…but we were just two California girls trying to dress for the New York winter.” Congrats to Mary-Kate and Ashley!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen named most stylish Land First Vogue Cover!

Via Vogue/

Behind The Row: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Vogue

It’s official. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are real fashion designers. Not only are they nominated for a CFDA award this year, they’re also featured in the April issue of Vogue. If Anna Wintour likes you, you’re definitely in! Of course, that also means you have to do everything she says—including stripping off your eyeliner and going au naturel for a photoshoot.

The Olsen’s spread looks like return to the good old days, when they were still making VHS movies and designing for Walmart. It’s delightfully cheesy, lighthearted and quite refreshing, full of sisterly bonding and smiles. Not that we don’t love the current incarnation of our favorite style twins, but giggles have been in short supply these past few years. Oh, the power of Anna Wintour.

Rihanna Covers the April 2011 Vogue Shape Issue

Rihanna looks gorgeous in the April issue of Vogue The shoot was done on a beach, with Rihanna in various forms of resort wear. The vibe is sensual and carefree, but not overtly sexy—a far cry from her recent “S&M” video. Overall, the photos look surprisingly natural, particularly for touch-up happy Vogue.

Rihanna Covers Vogue


Check out the clip (above!) to take a behind the scenes look at Lady GaGa’s Hansel and Gretel themed photo shoot for Vogue shot by Annie Leibovitz.

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