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Selma Hayek carries the classic Balenciaga City bag at LAX

Selma Hayek doesn’t show up in movies anymore. Her last appearance was with Blake Lively in Savages. Her accent sounds delicious. Every word she utters has the audience hanging to hear more of her melodious voice. Unfortunately, since her husband is one of Europe’s most wealthy men, she is more busy living the good life instead of trying to chase it in L.A.

Even though she’s impeccably dressed n well-fitted dark denim, nautical stripes and a fabulously rich navy blazer, it’s nice to see she hasn’t let her newfound wealth go to her head. Her husband owns dozens of brand names. She could be holding a $40,000 bag every time she’s spotted out but she still looks relatively down to earth with her classic Balenciaga City bag.

Connecticut_July_3_2013 Mark Cross Scottie Large Flap Satchel in Cuoio

Taylor Swift is not only a singer/songwriter. She likes to dabble in real estate as well. She’s been collecting homes ever since she started making tons of money after appearing on American Idol. One of her collector homes is a huge mansion in Connecticut, where she was spotted recently in one of her signature summer dresses and flats.

Taylor hates swaying away from her tried and tested looks so much that she already has this bag in a camel color, which she’s worn with a hundred different variations of this outfit. But hey, if you love something, why not stick to it?

Connecticut_July_3_2013 Mark Cross Scottie Large Flap Satchel in Cuoio2 

We recently did a post on Kyle Richards, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sister to Paris and Nicky Hiton’s mom, the cool aunt loves to party with her nieces. The entire clan is known for their love of Chanel bags. As wealthy as they are, it’s not often that they’re spotted with anything else, even though there’s nothing they can’t afford. 

You can count on seeing any of them with a Chanel bag. Kyle likes to party with a silver Chanel flap bag but she’s often spotted with her Chanel Cerf in beige. When she’s out shopping or running errands with her younger kids, this is the bag you’re likely to spot her with. Lady Gaga has the same bag in black. It’s actually no less glam than a Birkin if you dress the part.


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