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To Tommy From Zooey Handle Purse
If you watch TV at all, chances are you’ve seen an episode of two of New Girl, in which stars Zoey Deschanel. As much as we’d all love to have the bright blue eyes and pink pout that comes so naturally to her character Jessica Day, it’s not something you can fake. The next best thing is to take style inspiration from Jess instead, so it’s very convenient that she just created an entire range of clothing for Tommy Hilfiger. All of her looks revolve around figure-flattering dresses that her character Jess would love. In fact, there are a couple of episodes when the gang conveniently goes to vacation on a yatch and Jess wears these looks throughout. When was the last time you got to see clothes modeled by the designer in every which angle? The nautical prints and colors are so perfect for any kind of summer holiday involving water or sailing, or even pretending you’re dressing for such an event. Just one question for Zoey – what would Winston and Coach think of her collaboration with the designer who has openly stated in the past that he doesn’t make clothes for black people? OUCH. 

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