Beyonce’s in love with a new boy

Ok sorry but it had to be done, who could resist an attention grabbing headline like that! Let us clarify that what we should have said is that Beyonce, yes THE BEYONCE, or Queen B as she’s often referred to, looks completely and utterly in love with her new Chanel Boy Bag (not a new boy, man, bloke or any other form of maleness).

How do we know that? Going by Beyonce’s history it’s true to say that she is rarely seen with or rarely carries a bag. Now that could be because she has many minions around her to do those menial tasks, or perhaps it’s because she doesn’t want to be seen as advertising a certain brand, but whatever has been the reason in the past we certainly can’t doubt that she is very much into her new Chanel Boy bag because we’ve got photos to prove it. As you can see, here she is smiling away and holding onto that Chanel bag as if at any moment it could be taken from her grasp.

But really at the end of the day, Beyonce is only human (although with that killer figure and perfect pout she really could be a man made version of the most gorgeous woman in the world) and must succumb to the same feelings as any mere mortal when you love something. I mean, who can deny it. We’ve all been there, that feeling when you really, really love something so much and just simply have to have it.

I wonder how many more times she’ll be spotted out and about with the little beauty?

For anyone interested in this cute little number here are all the things you need to know about it.

Basically its a modern, edgier version of the classic Chanel flap which is still one of the most sought after bags in the world. This new funked up version is quickly gaining a celebrity following with not only Queen B loving it, but also the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and Elizabeth Olsen. These trendsetters have put this bag on many a womans wish list and the fact that it comes in a huge variety of colours and styles just makes it even more appealing.


From a bright and playful Chanel Rainbow Printed Caviar Medium Boy Bag to a more subdued Chanel Boy Flap Bag Cube Embossed Lambskin Large to a funky Chanel Boy Graffiti Shoulder Bag to a Chanel Le Boy Black Studded Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag. There is pretty much every colour and style under the sun…even a tweed version.


With such a large celebrity fan base the Chanel Boy Bag is unlikely to fall out of fashion anytime soon and choose a classic style and this is the kind of bag you could be handed down a generation or two as a heirloom.