The Chloe Drew And Chloe Faye Bags ,Who’s Wearing Them The Best?

Launched only in 1952 the Chloe fashion House became hugely popular under the influence of Karl Lagerfeld (currently the Head Designer and the Creative Director of Chanel) way back in the 1960s  and 1970s and then once again when the esteemed Stella McCartney arrived with her feminine, romantic and impertinent taking the brand into a new direction.

In the early noughties the Paddington bag became the “it” bag, everyone who was anyone was seen with this bag, but try as you might for use mere mortals it was nigh on impossible to buy one, in fact every one of the 8,000 models created for spring 2005 sold out before arriving in stores!

After such highs come the lows and this brand has been quiet of late, not managing to weather the storm quite as well as some as the bigger fashion houses, but just as flares went out of fashion and came back in a few decades later the Chloe brand is on the rise once again.

The release of the bigger Paddington bag a few years back may have helped to smooth the path, putting the brand back into the lime light but the two newest offerings are certainly  keeping Chloe in the limelight!

Both the “Drew” and the “Faye” bags have seen a lot of interest from celebrities, which is always a good sign for any fashion house. So far we’ve seen the following celebs with a Chloe bag;
The gorgeous but equally lovely and stylish Eva Longoria is seen carrying her Chloe Faye Bag whilst leaving Anne Hathaway’s new Broadway play “Grounded” with boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston.

Chrissy Teigen looks stunning casually dressed in light blue jeans and a dark blue blazes, but topped off with a Chloe Faye bag in brown croc this outfit looks so classy. Who doesn’t love blue and brown together?
With a snakeskin print come tan leather Faye bag Rosie Huntington Whiteley rocks this casual outfit.
Chiara Ferragni loves the Chloe Faye bag so much she has two! The snakeskin/leather one that Rose favours and also a brown one in a slightly smaller size.

The Drew Bag is clean-cut and extremely versatile, bag that celebrities can’t seem to get enough of it! The design itself is very feminine, classic and 70’s inspired. It really does add the elegance and the glamour to an outfit. Who’s wearing it…..take a look;

Hilary Duff – wears her grey version with denim skirt and large floppy hat for a day about town.

Dressed for summer Blake Lively looks lovely with her tan leather drew bag.
And Elsa Hosk somehow manages to look pretty cool, despite the Minnie Mouse sweater.

Hilary Swank always looks so effortless and here she is doing just that , looking stylish and fresh with dark jeans, white sweater, gorgeous Chloe Drew bag and a big smile…..(we’d be smiling to if we had that bag).

From Beyoncé to the Song sisters, they all own this incredibly impressive bag. The Chloe Drew and the Chloe Faye bags are the bags of the moment and we are sure they will be around for a few more seasons yet.