Nicki Minaj love affair with Chanel Vanity Case

Nicki Minaj is without one of the trendiest superstars currently in the music world, love or hate her the superstar creates a media frenzy whenever and wherever she steps out. From her outlandish dress sense to the colour of her hair, Nick Minaj is a media magnet.

The media love to photograph her, her hair style, her revealing dress sense, that booty and her fashion finds. However Nicki has a huge fan base on social media and loves to let her followers know what she’s up to and into by posting photos of herself with her favourite items and just recently a certain Chanel purse has popped up in a lot of her tweets and posts.

Her Instagram account featured a series of photos with different colours of the Chanel box Case, sometimes referred to as Chanel vanity case, although this is seen as a somewhat old fashioned name nowadays. It’s not entirely clear whether she was choosing which colour to take but judging by how may photos there are with Miss Minaj and her current piece of arm candy it’s more than likely she took all of them.

What we know is black seems to be the colour of choice but with money to burn and obviously suffering from “new favourite bag syndrome” it would come as no surprise to learn that she did indeed purchase one in every colour ……and why not, she could easily splash the cash and have the whole collection but for us mere mortals not fortunate enough to be in the “celeb bubble” we’ll have to choose just one…..I’ll take black please, well if it’s good enough for Nicki it’s good enough for me.

The Chanel Vanity Case is an updated version of a vanity case which was originally designed or storing cosmetics, but this new revamped version has now been bought bang up to date as a purse in it’s own right. Made with the beautifully soft and supple Chanel quilting and featuring more iconic features such as the large CC and the chain and leather interwoven strap there will be no mistaking this purse as high end designer.

What’s more is that it’s rare to find such a great looking bag which works well for many occasions, but the Chanel box Bag really does. Although sturdy it’s stylish, you can easily carry around precious items and not need to worry  and it’s very roomy! It even features a small mirror in one of the compartments so perfect to touch up your make-up while on the go, we can’t all have a make-up artist on hand to reapply our lipstick can we!

The zip undoes the bag on 3 sides allowing it to fully open so perfect for easy access to your items, it features an interior pocket and a separate compartment. Available in two sizes;

Chanel Small Vanity Case
Size: 6.3’x 8.3? x 3.3? inches
Price: $3100 USD, €3500 euro, £2570 GBP

Chanel Medium Vanity Case
Size: 6.7’x 9.4? x 3.9? inches
Price: $4200 USD, €3900 euro, £2860 GBP