The Many Bags Of Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly one of the most sought after celebs of the moment, but we really love about her (besides her amazing fashion sense) is that she’s just as happy to post a make up free selfie as she is when she’s in full, glamorous make up mode. This just makes us love her even more. But back to her incredible sense of style, and boy oh boy does she know how to put together an outfit, Gigi’s constantly pairing up classics and making them feel effortless, from date night to travel to work wear, she always looks so effortless And we can’t help but notice that just lately she’s been spotted with her Saint Laurent monogram bag on more than one occasion. For most of us “normal folks” this wouldn’t be a big deal , but in Lala land, or celebville this isn’t normal. With access to any designer item she wishes why would GiGi decide to be loyal on only one accessory for more than a month?

Let’s look at just how and when she wear this fabulous little bag.

Dressed head to toe in black is a look the Gigi loves, and the Saint Laurent monogram looks fab teamed with a camel coat for a day out in the city but it works equally as well for a night on the town (she’s dressed all i black again).

But who’d have thought a bag so classy could look great work with black trainer and a green bomber jacket, it’s chic casual as we love this look, it’s pure Gigi.

Gigi rocks city chic style in an all grey ensemble, with grey shawl, but again the Saint Laurent monogram doesn’t look at all out of place.

And finally the beloved Saint Laurent monogram is the perfect accessory for travelling, worn across the body whilst pulling along two huge suitcases ensures all Gigi’s essentials are to hand.

Now although this is her favourite bag we know that she’s also a fan of the “Marc Jacobs incognito bag” and another Saint Lauren, the Sac-de-Jour-Croc. Also the Bulgari Serpenti Crossbody Bag, Céline Nano Luggage Tote and the Chanel Boy Brick Clutch but she’s still fairly likely to be found carrying a relatively affordable contemporary design or something from a smaller brand and thats’ another reason why we love her.

You can pick up Gigi Hadid’s bag of the month, the Saint Laurent Monogram Medium Shoulder Bag for $2790.