The Many Bags Of Kim Kardashian

When your wife is Kim Kardashian we imagine it can be pretty tricky to find a birthday present, for it seems this sexy lady has the whole world at her feet. This former PA and former fashion stylist to Lindsey Lohan has certainly come a long way thanks to the reality TV show “keeping up with the Kardashian” and the hugely popular TV star is now a true celebrity with fans lusting after her the world over.  Since marrying Kayne West her popularity has soared even more and she has become one of the biggest celebrities of the past few years.

What draws us to her….those eyebrows, that hair, the gorgeous clan of sisters or her extremely incredible fashion sense……? Who knows but what we do know is that this girl sure knows how to accessorize too and is rarely seen without a designer bag.

The latest addition to her designer bag collection is yet another customized “Hermes”. We can imagine it can be tricky to buy for a wife who wants for nothing, so what better than to put Kim’s two favourite things into one…….  a Hermes bag painted by their child “North”.

Rumor has it that Kim was awestruck when opening the gift believing it had been customized by an artist (much like her Christmas gift which was a Hermes Birkin bag that had been painted by world famous artist George Condo), but when she realized North had painted the bag it had brought tears to her eyes.

Anyway with two Hermes bags being some of the most expensive designer bags in her collection we thought we’d delve a little deeper and see what else this Kardashian likes to carry around with her.

More Hermes Birkin bags to start with….this lady sure has a lot from classic black, tan leather, white leather and crocodile, grey, dark brown and we imagine many more too! She even owns a 30cm Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin which is worth an estimated $120,000. Just how does she get them all, she must be permanently on a waiting list!
Another celeb favorite is the much loved Balenciaga City Bag, and Kim owns this in black, tan and an oversized one in white too.

Or how about a Chanel Boy Bag (celeb friend Beyoncé loves these too) or a Chanel Chevron Quilted Flap Bag in green or a classic black one just for good luck!

Kim is one of the few celebrities to carry a Goyard, a very high end designer but not widely known about. What this Goyard Saigon Bag that Kim is carrying is really says is “I am a style queen”.

A Celine Phantom Luggage Tote in several was a favorite for quite a while too.

One thing we can tell by analyzing all the photos is that Kim Kardashian likes to stick to one colour and is rarely seen carrying a bag with too much embellishment or loud, obvious logos. In fact even with a Louis Vuitton she seems to stick to an all-black bag where the logo can’t be seen, favoring the Louis Vuitton Mitzi Bag as oppose to the monogram printed canvas.

Perhaps this is how she looks so stylish all of the time, even when she was heavily pregnant and piling on the pounds.
You have to agree, fan or not, that Kim Kardashian could win any fashion battle with ease.

26 Dec 2013, Los Angeles, California, USA — Kim Kardashian and fiance’ Kanye West engage in a little day after Christmas shopping for ski supplies although it was 77 degrees outside, Perhaps the famous couple is planning a snowy weather getaway. Kim was carrying a large unusual purse which was adorned with pictures of nude woman. A dutiful Kanye was loaded with shopping bags while exiting the store. The couple appeared to be quite happy. Pictured: Kim Kardashian — Image by © MAP/Splash News/Corbis