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When thinking of Hermes Birkin, you would rather picture yourself in a more classic or business outfit. Eventually, with a pair of jeans providing that your outfit would remain classic. Well think twice! Heidi Klum recently appeared wearing a colorfully patched jacket with orange fur and rainbow shoelaces while carrying a Hermes Birking handbag. Not just any Birking: a cool Camo Birkin! Yes, a Hermes look can be casual


This bag got released way back in September of 2014 as part of the LV “Icons and Iconoclasts” collection. A handful of those collab bags really took off with celebs. Although the LV x Christian Louboutin designs met some success, Ri-Ri got a crush on the artful LV x Frank Gehry Twisted Monogram Bag. Even if she gets plenty of freebies and sample loans from designers all around the world, she seems addicted to this bag


Everyone is bringing out the hot summer styles at Cannes and that includes Dakota Fanning and her Dakota Fanning Christian Dior Diorissimo Tote. She has paired it with a nice light blue sundress that matches the light blue detailing on the bag and a floppy hat. You can never go wrong with a big hat and a fantastic bag.


Queen Bey is always on point when it comes to fashion and she is no different with this fashionable clutch that she has been spotted with both in NYC and at Cannes. It can be sported with a casual jeans look or a casual matching suit, either way it looks fierce.


It is no surprise to those who know her that Naya Rivera loves vintage Hermès and Chanel, and when you see her out and about you almost always see her with one of those two kinds of bags. Proof can be seen here on a stroll she was taking and on her arriving at LAX she just loves her Hermes Kelly Bag and who can blame her it is the perfect fashion statement for both formal and informal occasions.


The beautiful Vanessa Paradis has been seen out and about with one of the 2015 spring collection beauties the Chanel Girl Bag. If you want to watch celebrities show off their best new bags one of the best places to do it these days is the new hotspot Bristol Farms and a celebritiy to watch with the newest and most different bags of the season shall be the one Vanessa Paradis.

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